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Wow Cheeks

We empower beauty. ®

With a simple, 10 minute in-office procedure we can make you say “wow” when you look in the mirror.

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With age, the better shape your body is in, the thinner your face looks. If you want your body to be in shape, your face gets too thin. My cheek enhancement technique no longer just treats a few lines and folds; it restores that “young fresh” look. Patients typically come in asking about treating facial folds, specifically the nasolabial folds that run from the corner of the nose down to the mouth. We used to fill these folds alone and patients would be moderately satisfied, saying, “I look better, see you in nine months,” no enthusiasm at all. We weren’t satisfied enough with the results.

wow cheeks before and after** Results may vary
wow cheeks before and after side view** Results may vary

Dr. Pearlman’s Method

Lately, I have been putting more filler into cheeks and only a little into the folds, the universal response when I hand patients a mirror is “Wow, this is what I used to look like years ago.” We had no other choice than to call it “Wow Cheeks™”. Depending on volume and working with patient preference, I use JUVÉDERM®, RADIESSE® or Sculptra®.

Top celebrities have been singled out for having plump and puffy cheeks. This is typically more “Whoa, instead of Wow”. 1 cc of hyaluronic acid (JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®) or RADIESSE® is usually good for both cheeks. When adding the melo-labial fold (folds angling down from the corners of the mouth in front of the jowls), or for occasional patients we add a second cc.

Around the eyes, we can also turn back the clock with BOTOX® Cosmetic to relax frown lines, brow lines and crow’s feet, even offering a BOTOX® Cosmetic Browlift. Restylane® is excellent for restoring volume and camouflaging under-eye bags under that might otherwise need surgery.

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