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Rhinoplasty Videos

This is a series of videos demonstrating an open rhinoplasty from start to finish. This surgery was videotaped start to finish at a rhinoplasty course in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in October, 2013. I was the featured speaker and asked to perform a complex septo-rhinoplasty on a patient recruited by one of the faculty members at the University Hospital in Amsterdam. My goal is to show a level of insight into the procedure for those that are considering rhinoplasty. This patient had a deviated septum, nasal hump, crooked nose, bulbous nasal tip and over-projection of the nose (sticks out too far from her face).

I treated her just like one of my own patients. I received the photos by email a few weeks prior. I uploaded the photos into my computer and performed computer imaging on the photos. I then saw the patient the afternoon before the procedure for a personal examination and to discuss our plan, and most importantly, to make sure that the patient was comfortable with me and the surgical plan. When the consultation was complete, she was quite excited at the prospect of a new nose.

Surgery was performed with live videotaping. The audio on all videos, except the summary video, is my narration of the rhinoplasty procedure as I was performing it. The video was simulcast to a lecture hall with the rhinoplasty course participants. The moderator for the surgery was Prof. Gilbert, Nolste-Trenite, the meeting coordinator and internationally famous rhinoplasty surgeon and teacher.

The basic steps of an open rhinoplasty procedure are demonstrated in order. I perform most of my primary septo-rhinoplasties through a closed approach. I chose the open approach for this lady since she needed a number of cartilage grafts, plus it is easier to see the steps of surgical rhinoplasty when demonstrating through the open approach.

You can view the entire 17 part lecture series below:

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