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“Each member of staff I interacted with made me feel comfortable through the entire visit. Dr. Pearlman was honest, straightforward and knowledgeable about my concerns and the available options for addressing them.”

Silhouette InstaLift™

Minimally invasive techniques have advanced greatly in recent years as the trend in patients desiring a non-surgical approach to anti-aging continues to grow. Many aspects of facial aging can be addressed with safe and effective techniques that offer minimal downtime and natural-looking results. While deep wrinkles, brown spots and lost volume can be treated with traditional tools such as lasers, fillers and BOTOX®, no great options existed that offered a minimally invasive method for lifting the cheeks, jowls, and neck – until now.

The Silhouette InstaLift™, considered among the best non-surgical facelift options in NYC and beyond, uses completely dissolvable surgical threads to lift and re-suspend sagging facial structures such as jowls, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and excess neck skin. These tiny threads have integrated dissolvable cones that anchor the cheeks. The Silhouette InstaLift™ is now available at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery in Dr. Steven Pearlman’s NYC office.

What makes the Silhouette InstaLift™ so effective?

Dr. Pearlman uses these innovative new threads to lift underlying tissues that sag with the natural aging process. The procedure is typically used around the cheeks, jawline, and neck in order to restore structure and youthful orientation to the face. Procedures such as dermal filler injections and laser rejuvenation are used primarily to treat signs of aging such as loss of volume and elasticity; whereas the InstaLift™ is used to create lift at a much deeper level.

As they age, our patients often wish to correct sagging facial tissue, such as jowls along the jawline, drooping skin under the chin (“turkey neck”), descending cheeks, and deep creases from the outer nostrils to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds). The Silhouette InstaLift™ procedure mitigates many of these signs of aging, all with very little downtime!

FAQs Silhouette Instalift™

    What is a Thread Lift and Why is This Different?

    A thread lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive facelift procedure that uses special sutures to “lift up” sagging skin of the brow, cheeks, neck, and face, and other areas of the body. The procedure is less time-consuming than a traditional facelift, and there is very little recovery or downtime. The end result is a more youthful, rested and refreshed version of yourself.

    When you first hear this term, you might think of a prior procedure that was available a few years ago, the key point to keep in mind is this previous procedure while similar in technique, used long lasting surgical threads. This procedure had a number of problems, due to reactions to and complications from the long lasting threads, so much so that they were taken off the market by the FDA. This new and improved procedure has been available in Europe and South America for a number of years and patients report amazing results that can last up to 2 years.

    How Do Silhouette Threads Work?

    Silhouette InstaLift™ threads are made of glycolide L-lactide (PLGA), a widely used biomedical copolymer that has a long history of being generally well-tolerated in the body. These threads are comprised of the same formula as the deep dissolvable sutures surgeons have been using for many years in countless surgical operations. The use of re-absorbable sutures and their break down process in the body has been studied extensively. The other component is Poly–L Lactic acid, the substance that makes up the very popular facial filler, Sculptra, which was first FDA approved in 2004 to treat facial volume loss and lipodystrophy.

    Once inserted under the skin, the threads provide mechanical fixation of the underlying tissue until collagen synthesis occurs and subsequent encapsulation of the suture in your collagen takes place, which is the beginning of the biological fixation that makes the threads so successful.

    Once the sutures are inserted subcutaneously, the implanted PLGA suture acts by stimulating the fibroblasts and the production of your collagen. This action continues over time and helps to restore the volume and shapeliness to the face gradually and most importantly, naturally.

    Am I a "Lift" Candidate?

    The best Silhouette InstaLift™ candidates are in good physical condition and have normal skin thickness and early facial and jowl laxity. If you had a prior surgical facelift and are currently experiencing sagging skin, you may be an ideal candidate. This procedure is also an excellent option for younger women and men who wish to delay the physical changes they are noticing to combat early signs of aging.

    Anyone who would like to achieve subtle rejuvenation results in the cheek, jowls, or neck is the ideal candidate for a thread lift. As with all procedures, patient education and gauging expectations is crucial in a successful procedure. Not everyone is a great candidate and this is not a substitute for a surgical facelift.

    In general, Silhouette InstaLift™ patients have the following characteristics:

    • Early sagging skin of the mid-face, jawline, and neck
    • Loss of facial volume
    • A desire to avoid invasive surgery, either due to medical reasons or personal preference
    • A wish to avoid general anesthesia
    • Realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish