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Men and Plastic Surgery

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According to recent annual surveys from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures are rapidly rising in men. Dr. Pearlman has seen the same occurring in our practice. Men comprise over 25% of our patients.

Men have become increasingly aware of the changes to their face from aging. No longer is the “bulldog” look sought after in big business. It’s the youthful vigor that is now desirable. Simple non-invasive procedures such as BOTOX® to decrease dynamic lines in conjunction with skin care to smooth skin irregularities are a start. Facial fillers can work wonders in men to camouflage the aging changes of the face. Hollow cheeks and facial folds can be filled out in a single office visit and patients return to work the following day, usually without any evidence of having any treatments other than the compliments that they suddenly look less “tired, gaunt or over-worked.”

A recent upturn in BOTOX® treatment is for businessmen to camouflage over-active frown lines. Clients may see furrowed brows as a sign of insecurity about a business deal or portfolio. Relaxing the brow will create more of a “poker face.” No longer will your face give the wrong signal, worried or not.

Modern facial plastic surgical procedures are often undetectable, with no visible signs that surgery had been performed. Incisions have improved, as well as techniques that leave patients looking better yet natural.

The most popular procedure for men is rhinoplasty. Often, the subtlest changes in a nose can have a dramatic effect. If you are at all concerned about “too much” being taken off, computer imaging will help you visualize what can be accomplished. Plus, the modern rhinoplasty may include maneuvers such as rotating a nasal tip and/or adding to areas to build up around bumps to create a balanced nose. It’s important to create a nose that still looks masculine. Dr. Pearlman has been recognized by New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors” issue as a “master at perfecting the male proboscis.” Almost a third of Dr. Pearlman’s rhinoplasties are performed on men. However, men are usually much more personal about their results, or letting the world know, so we have only a few before-and-afters on the website. In a “nutshell”, men don’t like giving permission to use their photos.

Surgical Procedures for men may differ than for women.

Blepharoplasty: For men, the primary concerns are bags under the eyes. Lower eyelid bags can be removed from inside the lid, negating any chance of a visible incision scar. No one would ever be able to tell you had cosmetic surgery, no matter how closely they inspect you.  Upper eyelid surgery differs by the placement of the incision. In women, the incision is usually 8-12 mm from the edge of the eyelid. In males, the incision should lie between 6 to 8 mm from the edge of the upper eyelid to maintain strong masculine appearing eyes. We avoid “feminizing” the eyes by this lower incision yet procure a youthful contour to the eyelids. Especially for the upper eyelids, in men, “less is more.” We prefer leaving a little extra skin instead of making an over-operated new lid. “Youthful yet masculine” is our goal.

Browlifts: Brows that droop can be lifted through a few small hidden incisions as well. Depending on the individual’s hairline, brows can be raised from behind the hairline or even from an upper eyelid incision.

Facelifts: Even facelift incisions are different for men and women. They are designed to preserve the natural hairline and contour of the sideburns and lift the skin without looking pulled. More emphasis might be placed under the chin, where men often have very saggy skin and muscles. This is called a sub-mentoplasty.

The best candidates are men who are comfortable with themselves, yet desire a change. It is that change which often boosts one’s confidence even more and takes them to the next level in their life.

Men and Healing

Men have different requirements for healing as well. They often wish to return to work earlier, yet men are less likely to wear cover makeup. Dr. Pearlman and his highly trained staff provide a careful and thorough consultation, which includes the importance of healing time.


Answers to frequently asked questions about the procedure

Q: Are more men getting plastic surgery?

Every year the surveys from the AAFPRS and ASPS show that men are getting more facial plastic surgery and significantly more minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers.

Q: What is the most common cosmetic procedure men want?

The #1 cosmetic facial procedure for men is still rhinoplasty. Modern techniques yield natural, masculine looking noses so men can be less fearful of an over-done or feminizing nose.

Q: Are more men using skincare products these days?

Men are getting more conscious about aging and taking care of themselves. I for one have been using skin products for years and feel it makes a big difference when used consistently.

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