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Lip reshaping is a treatment that artfully combines both hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers used in lip augmentations) and BOTOX, to achieve a more structured and aesthetically pleasing pout. Dr. Pearlman’s is renowned in NYC for his meticulous lip reshaping. So much so that his “Cupid’s Bow” technique has been featured in Vogue Magazine.

What are the benefits of lip reshaping?

Dr. Pearlman’s lip reshaping is able to help patients of all ages dealing with a lack or loss of lip shape and definition. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • A shapelier, more defined mouth
  • Fuller, plumper lips without the dreaded “trout pout”
  • Natural looking results with no downtime
  • A reduction in fine lines on and around the lips
  • An overall younger and more youthful appearance

Am I a good candidate for lip reshaping?

While lip reshaping is especially beneficial to mature women, it can be a great choice for young women as well. For young women, lip reshaping can help those who have a thin and undefined pout and are looking for more volume and definition. For more mature women, the loss of volume in the lips, appearance of vertical fine lines extending from the lips, and the overall loss of definition of the lips that often appear with age is easily combated with Dr. Pearlman’s Cupid’s Bow Technique, for a fresh, youthful appearance.