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Lip augmentation using implants at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is a long-lasting alternative to temporary fillers. A soft silicone implant that mimics the natural tissue of the lip is surgically implanted to enhance lip volume. Lip implants are very soft, pliable, and feel just like natural lip tissue.

What is recovery like from lip implants?

While lip implants require a surgical procedure, the pain and recovery times should be minimal. Any pain and swelling can be mitigated with ice packs and pain medication. The recovery time for most lip implant procedures is estimated at one to three days and the small stitches will be taken out after a week. For one to two weeks, it is advised that you do not apply too much pressure (such as pressing your lips together tightly) or stretch your lips (such as opening your mouth too widely) to make sure the implants stay in place.

Am I a good candidate for lip implants?

If you are feeling a lack of confidence in your appearance due to thin lips, fine lines, and an undefined or small mouth, you may be a good candidate for lip implants. While lip fillers can also be a great choice, lip implants would be advised for those patients who are looking for a long-lasting option.