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Lip Enhancement

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement or enlargement can be performed in a variety of ways to improve the size and shape of the lips. Lip augmentation creates fuller, more defined and voluptuous lips. As we age, the lips tend to flatten and lose their definition. Mature patients often request lip enhancement or a lip lift to restore a more youthful shape and fullness to their lips.

Dr. Pearlman’s Cupid’s Bow Technique

Talk of celebrity lip augmentations gone bad is ubiquitous, from Hollywood celebrities to Desperate Housewives, and some are taking cosmetic treatments just too far. Dr. Pearlman treats each patient based on his or her needs to create luscious lips with a natural appearance - no “trout pouts” or “duck lips” here! Dr. Pearlman’s Cupid’s Bow technique has been featured in Vogue magazine, and it continues to be a popular treatment for subtle yet sensuous lips. Best of all: no one will be able to tell you’ve had anything “done.”

The Benefits of Lip Enhancement

  • Fuller lips
  • Attractive lip shape
  • More defined lips
  • Lips that signify youth and beauty

Combining Procedures

A variety of other procedures can be combined with lip enhancement to provide full facial rejuvenation. These include laser treatments, eyelid lift surgery, brow lift surgery, facelift surgery, and many more.

Lip Enhancement FAQs

A. It is Dr. Pearlman’s belief that the results of lip augmentation should look completely natural. Unfortunately, poorly performed treatments and over-filled lips give this procedure a bad name. Artistic placement of fillers along the border of the lips (the “lip liner”) followed by filling the body of the lips (the “lipstick”) can yield beautiful yet natural-looking lips. This can be done tastefully for small lips and still looks beautiful. Your doctor should know when to say “no more.”

A. Ideal candidates for lip enhancement are finished with puberty and done growing, and there is no upper age limit for the procedure. Patients of almost all ages desire this procedure to attain lush, sensuous lips. This can be done tastefully for small lips too and still looks beautiful.

A. A complete dialogue with Dr. Pearlman will help determine the best procedure for you. Dr. Pearlman can help choose the right treatment, from the simplest to the most complex, short-term to permanent results, and least to most expensive, based on your needs.

Actual Patients of Dr. Pearlman

**Results May Vary

**Results May Vary

**Results May Vary

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