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Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your confidence. It can make you look older and leave you looking less vital. To make matters worse, genetic hair loss can begin as early as your twenties and thirties! Thankfully, our practice offers an effective solution: a hair transplant.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation, a form of hair restoration, is a minimally invasive procedure where donor hair is taken from the back of your scalp (where your hair is usually thicker), then these healthy, hair-producing follicles are implanted into the thinning or balding areas. The newly transplanted hair follicles then grow in the target areas to restore thickness and volume to otherwise devastated parts of your scalp.

This technology takes advantage of the fact that genetic hair loss usually results in some areas of your scalp retaining hair, while other areas become thin and will eventually bald. In men, such hair loss usually begins with a receding hairline that continues to move back over time, while women often suffer from all-over thinning, which often appears at the hair part.

Man with thick head of hair

What are the benefits of getting a hair transplant?

Unlike the various soaps and chemical treatments that have limited results, Dr. Pearlman's hair transplants provide dramatic and life-changing results. This innovative treatment can:

  • Restore a more youthful look
  • Add volume to thinning or balding areas of your head
  • Reshape your hairline and restore a thicker and more luxurious head of hair

Hair transplants usually require little-to-no downtime, which means you can continue your life with minimal interruption while enjoying the incredible benefits of a full and youthful hairline.

Afro hair transplants

When it comes to men and women with afro-textured hair, the results available from hair transplants are nothing short of miraculous. Each curly afro-textured shaft of hair covers much more scalp area than straight Caucasian hair, which leads to one astonishing fact: thicker and more natural results from a transplant.

Scalp micro pigmentation

Some men and women suffer from hair loss too extreme for a hair transplant, or they may not want to undergo the procedure. Thankfully, we have a less-invasive option to give the appearance of thicker and fuller hair: scalp micropigmentation. We use technology similar to the art of tattooing to mimic the appearance of short hair on your scalp to hide bald spots and restore the appearance of a more consistent, full head of hair. Scalp micro pigmentation is the perfect option for anyone who:

  • Is looking to cover up a scar from an earlier hair transplant
  • Wants to achieve a consistent "buzzed" look
  • Doesn't have enough hair to undergo hair transplant but wants the appearance of a youthful hairline
  • Wants a non-surgical alternative
Woman with thick, healthy hair

Why choose Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery

Our team at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is dedicated to bringing the highest level of care and treatment to the greater NYC area. We offer the latest innovations in aesthetic technology, and we continue to educate ourselves to stay on the cutting-edge of modern technology. If you're suffering from hair loss in NYC, our hair transplant therapies may be the ideal solution for you.

If you're interested in achieving restored, more youthful hair, a consultation with our team can provide you with all the answers and get you started.

Am I a candidate?

The best candidates for hair transplants are those who:

  • Desire a fuller and more youthful hairline
  • Have enough hair on the back of the scalp to use as donor hair
  • Are in generally good health
  • Have realistic expectations regarding hair transplant surgery

FAQs Procedure

    How long do the results last?

    The results of a hair transplant typically last for ten or more years, sometimes for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, a hair transplant will not halt genetic baldness from continuing to progress as you age, so you may continue to lose hair over time. For most patients, their newly transplanted hair stays with them for the rest of their life – while some others continue to lose hair and may need a second transplant after 8 to 10 years.

    Are hair transplants painful?

    The hair transplant procedure, whether you receive FUE or FUT harvesting, is relatively painless. We use local anesthesia, and most patients report feeling the pressure but little (if any) pain during the procedure.

    Will the scarring be visible?

    With FUE hair transplants, the scars are very small and rapidly hidden by the remaining hair in the donor area. FUT transplants result in a slightly more visible linear scar, but anyone with a moderately long hairstyle can hide the scar easily.

    How much will it cost?

    Each hair transplant procedure is unique, as it depends entirely on how much hair needs to be transplanted and which technology will work best for you. You can expect the cost to be anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000. An in-person consultation with our team will allow us to evaluate your hair and provide you an accurate cost for your treatment.