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Facial Implants – Premium

What Are Facial Implants?

Angular facial contours create a distinct, attractive facial appearance. Many men and women lack definition in their chin, jawline, and cheekbones, definition that would enhance their natural facial features. People can attain these enhanced, eye-catching contours with silicone facial implants.

The Benefits of Facial Implants

  • Correct a weak or receding chin and jawline
  • Add volume to hollow cheekbones
  • Restore balance to facial features
  • Achieve permanent correction
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Combine Your Procedures

To achieve the best results possible, many patients choose to combine other procedures with their facial implants. Doing so can help tighten, smooth, and bring balance to your facial features. Common procedures combined with facial implants include:

Rhinoplasty: improves the size or shape of the nose to restore overall facial balance

Facelift: firms the skin and corrects deep wrinkles in the mid and lower face

Neck Liposuction: removes excess fat beneath the chin and improves the appearance of neck bands

Brow/Eyelid Lift: smoothes the forehead and removes excess tissue around the eyes to provide a more alert and rejuvenated appearance

Facial Fillers: add volume to the skin to smooth wrinkles and fine lines and correct hollows


A: Implants are created from inert materials that do not cause allergic reactions, tissue reactions, nor body rejection. The most commonly used implants are Silastic® (a solid silicone), Gor-Tex®, and porous polyethylene (Teflon).

A: The implant is held in a pocket created during the surgery. During the first two months after surgery, a thin shell of scar tissue forms around the implant that holds it permanently in place.

A: Immediately following your procedure, you will experience bruising, swelling, and mild to moderate discomfort. Depending on the placement of your implant, you may be restricted to a liquid diet for one or two days. You should avoid vigorous physical activities for four weeks or until you receive doctor approval to resume them. Most major swelling should subside after six weeks, at which time you will be able to see your final results.

A: Barring any injury or infection, the results of facial implants are permanent. Complications that result in the removal of an implant are very uncommon. Most patients gain a lifetime of enhancement after their facial implant surgery.

A: In some cases, an incision is made on the surface of the face rather than within the mouth. In these cases, great care is taken to hide the incision in natural tissue folds. If there is any visible scarring, it will likely fade over time.

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