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Tighten sagging skin

Ultherapy Look Younger

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Like the fresher version of you

Ultherapy is Non-Surgical

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Facelifts.

Q: What is Facelift?

A facelift refers to lifting the cheeks, jowls and under the neck, which is why some doctors and patients actually prefer to call this a “cheek-neck lift.”

Q: How do I know when I am ready for a Facelift?

Place your hands along the middle part of your jaw with your index fingers pointing upward and thumbs under the jaw and pull gently toward your ears. If you like the “taught” result, then you may be a candidate for a facelift.

Q: What is the best age for a Facelift?

There is no “proper” age for a facelift. When performed at a younger age the results last longer because there is more elasticity in the tissue. Younger patients may also qualify for a simpler procedure such as a mini-facelift, with faster healing and a shorter incision. Timing for facelift surgery ultimately depends on when the patient is mentally and aesthetically ready for the procedure. The operation is simpler and lasts longer on patients in their early 40s due to better elasticity but can be performed as late as your 70s or even 80s.

Q: Are there non-surgical Facelift options?

Here is the scoop on non-surgical facelifts: there is no such thing! Faces can be made to look younger and refreshed with non-surgical techniques but nothing really lifts sagging faces without surgery. Another term for a non-surgical facelift is a liquid facelift. I am a big fan of this assemblage of procedures-because they work.

Q: Do you incorporate Liposuction with a Facelift?

Liposuction of the neck is for patients with excess fat under the chin to produce a more sculpted, angular and youthful neck and jaw line. The best patients for this procedure have good skin tone. Neck liposuction does not tighten the skin, however in younger patients the skin adheres to the underlying neck following the procedure, which can improve loose skin.