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A neck lift is a lesser-known and relatively-obscure form of plastic surgery used to improve the neck’s appearance. Most people don’t place enough attention on the neck region, but a successful neck lift provides dramatic results that make you appear significantly younger. After all, the neck region often exhibits some of the earliest and worst signs of aging, including skin creases and a banded appearance. Dr. Pearlman performs neck lift surgery in NYC, helping take several years off your appearance, restoring your youthful appearance without obvious signs of having work done.

What is a neck lift?

Neck lift surgery, also called a lower rhytidectomy, is a procedure that surgically tightens your neck, removes excess skin tissues, reduces fat deposits, and eliminates neck banding. Neck lifts are also suitable for people with wobbly skin tissues (turkey wattle) or a double-chin. The neck lift procedure removes excess fat and skin tissues, thus making your neck appear slimmer. However, a neck lift isn’t a single procedure suitable for everyone. Dr. Pearlman carefully examines your neck to determine the correct neck lift surgery style necessary to address your specific problems.

Woman who may be a potential canddiate for a neck lift

Am I a suitable candidate for a neck lift?

Neck lifts are suitable for patients with moderate or severe signs of aging in the neck or jawline. You’re the right candidate for a neck lift if you’re self-conscious about your hanging skin tissues, wrinkles, or aging neck. Dr. Pearlman will examine your medical history and neck anatomy and discuss your cosmetic goals to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for a neck lift.

Generally speaking, you should consider a neck lift if you:

  • Have excess fat deposits in your lower face, leading to jowls
  • Have excess fat deposits under your chin or jawline, leading to a double chin
  • Have hanging or sagging skin tissues
  • Have deep creases or banding in your neck
  • Have trouble buttoning up your shirt because of your turkey wattle, i.e., the loose folds of skin hanging from your neck
  • Are self-conscious about your neck and general appearance
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Don’t have underlying medical conditions or allergies that may cause complications
  • Are a nonsmoker, or are willing to stop smoking before and after the surgery

What are my neck lift options?

Direct Neck Lift

During a direct neck lift, the incision is placed under your chin, so the incision scars are well-concealed. After making the incision, the plastic surgeon lifts the skin to expose the underlying fat deposits. Dr. Pearlman removes the fat deposits directly or through liposuction, and then tightens the underlying platysma muscle. After tightening the muscles and removing the fat deposits, the doctor trims away large skin folds. Consequently, you’re left with streamlined neck contours without excess fat deposits and hanging skin tissues.


Platysmaplasty focuses primarily on tightening and reconstructing the platysma muscles under the neck’s skin tissues. Dr. Pearlman places a tiny incision under the chin, removes the excess fat deposits, and then sutures the loosened platysma muscles into a single strengthened muscle. The tightened platysma muscles prevent neckband formation, streamlining your neck contours. Platysmaplasty is suitable for patients with moderate signs of aging without excessively sagging skin tissues.


Cervicoplasty focuses primarily on removing excess and sagging skin tissues under the chin and neck. Dr. Pearlman places a well-concealed incision and extracts the excess fat deposits via a suction probe. The underlying platysma muscles are left intact. After extracting the fat deposits, the skin tissue is trimmed and tightened to produce a smooth and taut appearance. Patients with excessive muscle laxity will need a direct neck lift instead of a cervicoplasty.

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Why choose Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery?

Dr. Pearlman is one of the best double board-certified facial plastic surgeons in NYC. He has an exceptional educational background and track record, having served as President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and as the Founding President of the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society. Dr. Pearlman aims to produce natural-looking cosmetic results that adhere to the patient’s specific conception of beauty. As such, he patiently discusses your aesthetic goals and curates a treatment plan for your specific needs and lifestyle.

FAQs: Answered By Dr. Pearlman

    How long will it take to heal after my neck lift?

    Most patients can return to work between 1½ and 2 weeks after a neck lift. Full healing takes up to 6 months but is not noticeable after about 2 to 3 weeks.

    What's the best age range for a neck lift?

    There is a large age range for a neck lift. Some patients have full necks that need treatment in their 30’s and can range upwards from there. As patients approach their mid to late 50’s, a neck lift is often combined with lifting the jowls in a cheek- neck lift, or facelift.

    What are the options for incisions?

    If all you need is liposuction of excess fat under the neck, there is a small stab incision less than ¼” or 3mm under the chin and behind each earlobe. For more complex suturing of the neck muscle, the incision is closer to 1 to 1½ inches under the chin and another around the base of the earlobe on the back of the ear.

    What will the scarring be like?

    Scarring after neck lift is minimal. Many people have scars under their chins from falling as a child. Unless someone looks closely under your chin, it’s not noticeable. The other incision is at the junction of the earlobe with the face so it blends in well.