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The deep plane facelift is a specialized surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation that creates results that appear entirely natural. This type of facelift rejuvenates the neck and cheeks to restore a more youthful appearance, without creating a look that is pulled or tight. The approach involves repositioning the skin along with the underlying tissues to achieve a look that is fresh and natural.

What should I expect during the procedure?

A deep plane facelift uses the same incisions as a “short-flap facelift,” with another extension extending to the hairline behind the ears. The technique involves lifting the underlying supporting tissues along with lax, drooping, or sagging skin. Any laxity at the cheeks and upper neck is improved, as the skin and supporting tissue is repositioned upward and back toward the ears. This unique facelift technique produces remarkably natural-looking results.

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Why choose Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for my deep plane facelift?

When considering a facelift, one of the most critical factors of its success is the skill and expertise of your surgeon.

For years, double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Pearlman has been helping people look as young as they feel – in the most natural way. Dr. Pearlman and his staff at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery caters to discerning patients who demand superior outcomes.

As a patient, you can feel confident that you are under the care of a team that provides compassionate and attentive care, along with the most sophisticated surgical techniques.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Patients of a variety of ages can benefit from a deep plane facelift. Younger patients who see the early signs of sagging and jowls can look years younger, while older patients can restore jawline definition and smooth jowls and creases with a deep plane facelift.

What are the benefits of a deep plane facelift?

  • Provides long-lasting, natural-looking results
  • Treats sagging skin and jowls
  • Restores jawline definition
  • Shorter surgical time
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Minimal scarring

Will there be visible scars?

Deep plane facelift incisions typically heal with minimal to no visible scarring. A deep plane facelift does not create an unnatural tension or pulled look to the skin. Without tension on the incisions, they will heal to the point of being virtually invisible.

How long can I expect my results to last?

A highly skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon can make all the difference. With Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, you can expect a beautiful and natural transformation that is long-lasting, typically from eight to ten years.

What is a typical recovery period for a deep plane facelift?

Following your deep plane facelift, you will need to plan for time to recover, which varies by individual. You will need to plan to rest for a week or two before resuming normal activities.

Gradually, the redness, bruising, and swelling will fade. The most challenging part of recovery is during the first week, due to the swelling and bruising. During this phase, you will have prescription pain medication to help keep you comfortable.

You can expect to return to most of your usual activities within two weeks of your surgery.