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Facelift Priorities

The importance of choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to any work on the face, patients should always choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Pearlman spent his entire medical residency and fellowship training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery specifically on the face. He became intimately familiar with the anatomy and surgery of the face, both inside and out. Now, having been in practice for over 25 years, Dr. Pearlman consistently delivers facelift results that last and look entirely natural.

To quote the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery,

Trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon.”

Dr. Pearlman advises his friends and family to do the same.

New York & NYC Facelift
New York & NYC Facelift

The deep plane facelift Pearlman’s unrivaled facelift technique

While Dr. Pearlman does perform many different facelift techniques in his NYC office, his most enduring is the deep plane facelift. This technique addresses the muscle layer underneath the skin, called the SMAS. By tightening and securing this musculature, Dr. Pearlman is better able to drape the skin into a more youthful contour. Not only that, the deep plane facelift produces longer lasting results than a standard facelift, and it also looks more natural because all the tension is placed on the underlying muscle layer.

Throughout Dr. Pearlman’s 25+ years in practice, one of his patients’ primary concerns is that they don’t want to look “pulled.” The deep plane facelift eradicates that possibility, allowing patients to enjoy their new and rejuvenated appearance with total freedom.


New York & NYC Facelift

"I am highly satisfied with my revision rhinoplasty. The staff and the nurse Christine were kind and caring. I feel as if I received the VIP treatment from them and from Dr. Pearlman. Most importantly, my nose looks soft and beautiful."

Real Patient Ratings

"Dr Pearlman did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone for facial surgery. I thought he could have answered my questions and concerns a little more in depth before the surgery and even after, but he really knows what he is doing."

Real Patient Ratings

"Dr Pearlman took the time to listen to me and understand my situation and didn’t brush me off. I had filler before from another doctor and bruised bad! Dr Pearlman is a true professional. I had him do my filler and didn’t have any bruising at all, AMAZING!!!"

Real Patient Ratings

"The quality of the care I received was very impressive. Though the practice I'm sure has many patients, I was made to feel as though I were the only one. There is minimal wait time. Everyone from the nurses to the secretaries to the Doctor are kind."

Real Patient Ratings

A facelift from Dr. Pearlman

Gratifying for both patient and surgeon

Facelift surgery is a precise dissection alongside and underneath specific facial planes. I get the opportunity to significantly improve a patient’s appearance, making them look more youthful and refreshed. It’s highly rewarding to see a patient gaze into the mirror months post-op and say, ‘Now I look as young and vital on the outside as I feel on the inside.’”

- Dr. Steven Pearlman

Your Facelift Consultation

New York & NYC Facelift

Dr. Pearlman’s consultation process

A great result begins with a stellar consultation. During your consultation for facelift surgery in our New York office, the goal is absolute understanding between surgeon and patient. Dr. Pearlman will thoroughly assess your specific aesthetic needs. How much lifting do you need? Do you have banding of the platysma muscle under the neck? Will a brow lift or eyelid procedure help rejuvenate the upper face? Which method will give you a refreshed and younger appearance? He analyzes the entire face with rejuvenation as the goal, and natural-looking results as the promise.

New York & NYC Facelift

Questions to ask during a facelift consultation

Are you certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery?

Do you have hospital privileges to perform this procedure?

Which facelift technique do you recommend for me?

What can I expect for my follow-up?

Am I genuinely a good candidate for this procedure? and ask for MANY before and after photos, ideally finding patients with similar signs of aging

Dr. Steven J. Pearlman Distinguished Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Steven J. Pearlman

Dr. Steven Pearlman is a board certified plastic surgeon in NYC, specializing entirely in procedures of the face and neck. He is dual board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and in Head and Neck Surgery, making him uniquely qualified to perform the full spectrum of facial rejuvenation procedures. For patients seeking plastic surgery of the face or neck in New York City, Dr. Pearlman’s credentials are uncompromising.

Dr. Pearlman began his distinguished career with an extensive clinical and academic background. He not only serves on the editorial board of multiple medical periodicals, he also has personally written over 30 medical journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Pearlman has earned the prestigious Castle Connolly Top Doctor award in both 2018 and 2019. Additionally, Dr. Pearlman is a consummate humanitarian, taking an active role in multiple charitable organizations for which he travels overseas to provide pro bono medical services to those in need..

A well-rounded result

Which procedures can complement a facelift?

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery in NYC, there are a number of ancillary procedures Dr. Pearlman often performs with a facelift. From a surgical perspective, these may include a browlift, eyelid surgery, aging-nose rhinoplasty, or chin augmentation for a weak chin. From a minimally invasive perspective, Dr. Pearlman often uses laser resurfacing for superficial wrinkles. This is because a facelift addresses the larger picture of aging rather than superficial wrinkles or fine lines.

New York & NYC Facelift

How much does a Facelift cost?

The cost of facelift surgery in NYC varies greatly from patient to patient, depending upon multiple factors. Such factors include the technique Dr. Pearlman chooses to use, as well as the patient’s unique facial anatomy. In general, a facelift will range anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000. Your personal facelift quote will ultimately be determined after a consultation with Dr. Pearlman.

Types of Facelifts

Mini Facelift

The mini-facelift, also known as a “short flap” facelift, rejuvenates the lower face for patients with minimal sagging that causes early jowls and excess skin in the lower face and neck. This procedure utilizes “short flap” incisions that begin just above the ears, go down and around the inside of the small rectangular “tragus” at the opening of the ears, and end just behind the earlobes. The underlying muscular system in the lower face is tightened as needed for an uplifted and smoother facial contour. The mini-facelift is best for younger patients who do not have heavy jowls or significant facial aging.

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SMAS Facelift

A SMAS facelift gets its name from a layer of tissue beneath the skin--the superficial muscular aponeurotic system. Through the aging process, this layer gradually loses support and elasticity, leading to drooping cheeks, pronounced jowls, deeper nasolabial folds, and sagging tissues in general.

A SMAS facelift addresses these issues at the source, lifting and tightening the underlying musculature before trimming excess fat and skin. This allows patients to enjoy relief from more advanced signs of aging in the face. Additionally, the skin itself improves in appearance, shedding wrinkles that have been around for years or even decades.

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Deep Plane Facelift

The deep plane facelift rejuvenates the neck and cheek areas using the same incision as the mini facelift, plus a hidden extension into the hairline behind the ears. The muscle and fibrous tissue are separated from the underlying layers of the face and neck and lifted along with the skin. Heavy cheeks and sagging in the neck are improved as these tissues are repositioned upward and back toward the ears. This has been recognized by many experienced surgeons to yield the most natural, longest-lasting facelift results.

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Neck Lift

It’s always important to ensure the neck is not forgotten. If a patient’s face is properly rejuvenated, an aging neck can betray those results. In some cases, the neck even exposes aging long before the face, often manifesting as skin creases or banding.

A neck lift serves several purposes: it removes excess fat, reduces banding, and tightens loose skin. A neck lift can also address a so-called turkey wattle or double chin, leading to a more elegant transition up to the jawline. Dr. Pearlman is a holistic facial plastic surgeon, and will always examine the entire picture. During your consultation, he will help you determine if a neck lift is necessary in addition to a facelift.

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My only loyalty is to my patient. In today’s chaotic overload of cosmetic options, I believe this is the most important quality in a surgeon.”

Dr. Pearlman

Why Choose Dr. Pearlmen for a Facelift?

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, patients gain multiple benefits from a facelift with Dr. Pearlman. They enjoy increased confidence, with their outward appearance more closely approximating their youthful energy. In turn, patients often feel a surge in their youthful energy, spurred on by their new appearance. These two factors--energy and outward appearance--complement each other, resulting in a much-renewed patient.

With Dr. Pearlman, the results are always natural, never overdone or “windswept.” Additionally, we offer different facelift options to our patients, catering to every degree of aging. We even offer non-surgical options for patients who aren’t ready for the full surgical experience.

New York & NYC Facelift

Full Disclosure

The facelift recovery process

Step 1

After surgery, we often use drains in the neck to remove any blood that may collect and prevent it from accumulating under the skin. These drains are removed the morning after surgery.

Step 2

Six days post-op, we remove sutures in front of the ear where the skin is thinner.

Step 3

Eight days post-op, we remove the sutures along the scalp where the skin is thicker.

Step 4

Approximately a week and a half post-op, most bruising has gone away. Until this point, such bruising can typically be covered with makeup.

Step 5

One and a half to two weeks post-op, most patients are able to return to work if they don’t mind that some swelling is still present.

Step 6

At two weeks post-op, most patients are presentable for social situations.

Step 7

Between three weeks to a month, patients can resume almost all functions. For very important functions, such as a wedding, Dr. Pearlman recommends at least two months of healing.

What Dr. Pearlman’s patients are asking

Every facial surgeon has a different definition for a mini-lift. For Dr. Pearlman, it’s a short-incision facelift that does not extend into the hairline behind the ear. The muscle called the SMAS is lifted and pulled back for strength and longevity. For patients who have heavier faces, large jowls, or very floppy necks, a deep plane facelift will yield a better and longer lasting result, yet the incision is barely more visible than the mini-lift.

This is a tricky question. A facelift will last the rest of your life; that is, if you have a twin, you will look years younger. In 10 years from now you will still look younger. For the real answer: in your 50s, figure the results will last around 10 years before you return to the same look. This will last approximately 8 years in your 60s and 6 years in your 70s.

The key to a natural appearing facelift is to pull tight on the muscle under the skin called the SMAS. Then the skin can be gently laid down and trimmed without tension. Patients who look “pulled” either had a skin-only facelift, too many facelifts, or the muscle and skin were pulled in the wrong vector. It’s important to drape down the SMAS and skin along natural tension lines for a natural look, which is how Dr. Pearlman performs his facelift surgeries in NYC.

After a mini-lift, patients can often return to work or their normal routine in about a week and a half. This goes up to two weeks for a deep plane facelift. However, for important functions such as your daughter’s wedding, Dr. Pearlman suggests at least two to three months or more for full recovery.

While they are rare, risks can occur with facelift surgery, as is the case of any surgery. Risks include hematoma (a collection of blood causing swelling under the skin), which can be treated promptly; nerve injury which is rare and can be treated with surgical intervention; hair loss near the incision site, which can be temporary; and very rarely, skin loss near incision site due to interrupted blood supply, which can be treated with medication, wound care and procedures to minimize scarring.

To learn more about facelift risks, please click here.

Though any major surgery will result in a scar, facelift scars are typically hidden by the hairline and the natural contours of the face and ear. Additionally, Dr. Pearlman employs a meticulous closure technique, resulting in a virtually invisible incision once fully healed. As such, facelift scars are generally not noticeable.

Because there are different types of facelifts with different levels of complexity, the cost will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Pearlman will provide you with an in-depth quote at the time of your confidential New York facelift consultation.

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Anesthesia considerations

Many patients have questions or concerns about anesthesia, and this is understandable. Dr. Pearlman does typically perform a facelift with general anesthesia, meaning the patient is fully sedated during the procedure. Dr. Pearlman employs only the finest surgical staff to support him during surgery, including a board-certified anesthesiologist. At Pearlman Plastic Surgery, we have a pristine safety record for our patients, and that includes our application of anesthesia. During your consultation, please be sure to ask any questions about anesthesia, and Dr. Pearlman will help you understand this critical component of the facelift procedure.

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