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“I had seen two other doctors for a consult prior to visiting Dr. Pearlman, and the overall time and the attention I received made me choose this office. After that everything went very smoothly from the moment I met the nurse until I left the office. I had very little bruising and no complications during the recovery. I looked almost fine one week after surgery. Right now which is about a month post operation, I am very happy with the results. I wanted a natural look from my brow lift and I got exactly what I wanted. Just looking more refreshed and relaxed.”

Forehead Rejuvenation

A brow lift restores a youthful fresh appearance to the upper face. Sometimes a drooping or furrowed brow can make you look sad or angry. The forehead can drop with time, causing hooding of the upper eyelids. Eyebrow position is an important part of one’s expression and youthful look. Hooding of the upper eyelids may actually be more a result of a sagging brow rather than excess upper eyelid skin. Dr. Pearlman's forehead or brow lift can address these changes.

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What are the details of a brow lift?

The ideal eyebrow is club shaped (rounded at the center and tapers towards the sides) and starts next to the nose along a vertical line drawn upward from the corner of the nose. The lateral extent is along a line drawn from the corner of the nose through the corner of the eye. Both ends of the brow should be at the same level.

Generally, in women, the head of the brow starts over the bone of the eye socket then arches delicately upward, whereas in men it should be more horizontal. The highest point of the arched brow should be above the corner of the eye. So, when raising a brow, typically the sides should be higher than the center.

What is Dr. Pearlman’s approach to a brow lift?

Dr. Pearlman often asks his brow lift patients to look back at photos of themselves from a younger age to see if the position of their eyebrows has truly changed. Patients are encouraged to bring these photos in for the initial or follow-up consultation.

If you open a fashion magazine, as with all cosmetic surgery today, you will see that there is no one brow position. It’s more about the shape of the brow that is important, as well as the elimination of hooding. The best brow lift is one that fits your face and restores youthful beauty and “punctuation” to the face.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

A drooping brow can be corrected through 4 or 5 tiny incisions behind the hairline. Endoscopic or minimal-incision brow lift utilizes an endoscope, which is a skinny telescope similar to those used by the orthopedists to look into knees.

This technique minimizes loss of sensation and hair at the incision sites. New avenues in cosmetic surgery include lifting sagging cheeks for a mid facelift as an extension of the endoscopic brow and temple lift.

Coronal Brow Lift

The more traditional technique is a coronal lift, which requires an incision from the top of one ear, remaining behind the hairline to the opposite ear. The entire forehead is elevated through this incision from above.

The coronal brow lift is infrequently used because of the extensive incision. However for patients with high hairlines, the hairline position can be maintained or even lowered by a brow lift using an incision just at the hairline. When performed meticulously, this incision is barely detectable and can offer some of the best brow lift results. This is called a pre-trichial brow lift.

FAQs: Answered by Dr. Pearlman

    What are the choices and incisions involved in a brow lift?

    The classic brow lift incision is called a coronal brow lift that includes an ear-to-ear incision behind the hairline. For most surgeons, including Dr. Pearlman in New York City, this has been replaced by the endoscopic brow lift. A similar result can be obtained with tiny endoscopes and 4 to 5 incisions less than half an inch long behind the hairline.

    Will a brow lift move my hairline?

    Coronal brow lifts raise the hairline the most. Endoscopic brow lifts raise the hairline less. For patients with a high hairline we can use a trychophytic incision. This incision is placed at the edge of the hairline and can raise the brow without altering the hairline or even lower an excessively high hairline.

    Are there non- surgical ways to “lift” the brow?

    BOTOX Cosmetic can raise the eyebrows without surgery. BOTOX Cosmetic works by relaxing the muscles that pull the eyebrows down, so they naturally drift upward. Asymmetric brows can often be equalized using BOTOX Cosmetic. Ulthera can also raise the brows for a non-surgical brow lift.

    How long do brow lift results last?

    Natural aging after surgery continues, but brow lifts can last from 8 years to the rest of your life. Faces and brows may sag again, but many of our patients maintain their new brow position indefinitely.

    What is the best age to get a brow lift?

    Low flat brows may occur as early as one’s 30’s. Some patients come in for hooding of the upper eyelids and are candidates for brow lift. Other patients may not see their brows drooping until much later in life.