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Five superfoods to make a super you!

A lot of good and healthy food choices are out there, but are you aware of a special category of foods found in nature called superfoods? Calorie thin and nutrient dense, superfoods pack a lot of punch in terms of goodness. In fact, the top five are those which are easily accessible, tasty and easy to incorporate in to many different dishes.

Superfood #1: Nuts. Known for being a superior source of protein, Nuts are also rich in anti-oxidants and the good fats. Always opt for the unsalted variety, you can find multiple uses for peanuts, almonds and walnuts in your daily diet by tossing into a salad or grad a handful a quick snack.

Superfood #2: Quinoa. This grain-like seed is full of anti-oxidants and is a source of all essential amino acids, including lysine, which also makes Quinoa a complete protein. Quinoa is easily prepared much like other grains. It can be cooked up and added to salads, soups and stews for a nutty goodness or enjoyed by itself as a pilaf.

Superfood #3: Beans. The legume family, from dark red kidney beans for chili to chickpeas for salads, can give you a boost of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium; and they are high in fiber as well. Beans are a hearty and versatile food that can be satisfyng enough to use as the basis of a main dish or entree.

Superfood #4: Yogurt. Yogurt is packed full of calcium and other nutrients but it’s the presence of prebiotics and probiotics that make this a superfood. Yogurt is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack and wonderful when mixed with berries into a healthy smoothie drink.

Superfood #5: Salmon. Wild salmon is not only high in vitamins and protein but also Omega-3 fatty acids, which that body cannot produce on its own. Wild salmon is wonderful grilled up with some lemon and served with a side of steamed vegetables or wild rice.

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Three Must-Have Vitamins

Many people do understand the link between a healthy body and healthy skin. Feeding the body the right nutrients is the key to having healthy skin. Below are three must-have vitamins that everyone should get in their diets:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be found in broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe, yogurt, liver and mango. This nutrient helps prevent acne and skin cancer. Vitamin A also helps keep the eyes healthy. People who are not getting the recommended amount of vitamin A are more likely to have dry, rough skin.

Vitamin D

Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D. However, most people do not get enough of this nutrient from direct sunlight. Eggs, tuna fish, salmon, cod liver oil and mushrooms are just a few of the many foods that are rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D can help prevent skin cancer. Studies have shown that nearly 75 percent of adults and teens are deficient in this vitamin. Many people will benefit from taking a supplement. However, people should always consult with their doctor before adding a vitamin D supplement to their regime.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is classified as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are a group of nutrients that help protect the body against free radical damage. Free radicals damage tissue and speed up the process of aging. Citrus fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin E.

People who eat a well-balanced diet will be able to get adequate amounts of vitamins A, D and E. They will also be able to keep their skin glowing and healthy.

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Vitamins you should be sure to take when you turn 40

It seems that everyone wants to grow older, but no one enjoys appearing to be her actual age.

While hair can be colored and wardrobes can be updated to make one look younger, a person’s skin can often let out the secret of carefully hidden maturity. Covering up unhealthy skin with cosmetics is not the best solution for a more youthful appearance. Preserving healthy skin from a young age is important if one wants to keep drinking from the proverbial fountain of youth.

Protecting skin from the sun, eating a healthful diet and abstaining from smoking can subtract years from skin. However, there are also vitamins available to aid in keeping skin flawless after 40 and beyond. Vitamin A seems to be an all-around great maintainer of skin. It strengthens and repairs skin as well as prevents dry skin, acne and wrinkles.

Vitamin C has a reputation to help the immune system, but it also heals wounded skin. Another way to speed healing due to sun damage is taking Vitamin E supplements.

Skin tone is greatly improved by Vitamin B consumption. Stress causes many skin problems such as eczema, and this vitamin is known to reduce stress. Healing processes and immune function are also aided by zinc supplementation.

While outside exposure to age-inducing agents should be avoided, inner consumption of healthful vitamin supplements is essential to a complete anti-aging skin regimen. Adding a few supplements to an otherwise healthy diet can ensure healthful skin even as the years advance.

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