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Why You Need a Facial Toner

It’s obvious what other skin care products do for you. Cleansers clean, moisturizers moisturize and sunscreens screen the sun. But what do toners do??? They don’t really ‘tone’ anything, and your skin can survive without them. However, a well-chosen toner does so much to balance your skin’s oil content that it should be a part of your regular beauty regimen.

Most toners are designed to follow your cleansing regimen and precede your moisturizer or sunscreen. They’re typically fluid enough to apply with a cotton ball, but some toners skip the cotton and come in a spray pump. Their original intent was to remove residue that washing left on your face; old-fashioned cosmetics were tenacious, while bar soaps often left a film. While you shouldn’t need a toner to cleanse your skin — if you’re seeing excess makeup on your cotton ball, you may want to switch facial cleansers — the right toner adjusts the amount of oil on your skin’s surface.

Perennially oily skin loves mildly astringent, drying toners. A quick swipe of a toner-soaked cotton ball leaves skin feeling clean and looking de-greased. Removing excess oil helps your makeup stay in place and limits shine. Choose the mildest toner that’s still effective for cutting the oil. A too-strong toner will simply strip your skin and parch it. Trading oily skin for flayed, flaky skin is no bargain.

Dry skin takes an entirely different kind of toner. Instead of choosing something with alcohol, witch hazel or other drying agents, pick something with a moisturizing component. Glycerin-based toners draw moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to your skin, hydrating it. These toners may also help your makeup glide on more evenly.

One important note about toners: they do not affect pores. They don’t shrink, minimize, clean or otherwise change them. Pore size is genetic, and a few drops of liquid on a cotton ball can no more shrink pores than it can make you an inch taller. Toner is a wonderful addition to your facial skin care regimen, but it isn’t magic. Use toner for the right reasons, not the one manufacturers hype.

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Skin Care in New York City

Why do I carry skin care products and have my nurse do office peels on my patients; because it works.

I can personally vouch for what skin care products do for my skin, as does the beauty blog BFF Beauty.  I have been using them for over a decade. It’s easy, instead of soap and maybe a moisturizer; use a cleanser followed by an anti-aging cream, I even throw on an eye cream. Patients can’t believe my age when I tell them I’m 56. I still get plenty of sun playing golf, in the pool or on the beach with my kids, but I always wear sunblock and reverse or reduce the aging effects of the sun with a daily combination of retinoids, anti-oxidants and growth factor.

Our new skincare line is called MyBody. This is a fantastic line with products that can help every skin type. Our skincare specialists, Kim or Chrsitine, can help choose just the right products for you. First we need to know your “tolerance” for how many products you are willing to use. Some individuals keep it simple: cleanser and one product. Some are willing to go the extra step(s) by adding eye creams and more potent anti-aging cream combinations.

Why should you get skincare products from a doctor’s office?

Generally our products are stronger and dispensed by trained professionals. Sometimes a patient will call stating that their skin is red, irritated or peeling. We can offer a change in their regimen or even swap it out for another product. In the department stores, the well known skincare lines may have the latest ingredients, but they are kept weak to minimize problems and returns. If there are any reactions or returns it would be a much bigger problem. That is circumvented by making the products weaker. Plus it may even be a salesgirl selling you the same product that they would suggest for you, your mother or even your grandmother.
The next step after home products are office peels. Christine, our office Skincare nurse performs these no-peel peels. You get glowing skin without actually peeling. With the new MyBody technology myPROBIOTIC PEEL enjoy a relaxing spa-like experience. myPROBIOTIC PEEL features Skin Renewal TechnologyTM utilizing probiotics to help stimulate your immune system to a naturally balanced healthy and more youthful state .
Don’t believe us, we recently had a fantastic review of the myPROBIOTIC PEEL in the prestigious bffbeautyblogspot, click to read about it.

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