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Revision rhinoplasty and Revision septoplasty innovations with a PDS Plate

Published: November 4, 2010

PDS plastes are newly FDA approved for nasal surgery and an excellent new product that will help yield better results in revision rhinoplasty and revision septoplasty. I have already performed one case with great sucess and anticipate much more use in the future



Deviated Septum New York

Published: February 24, 2010

Fixing a deviated septum is usually performed from inside the nose using the endonasal or closed rhinoplasty approach. Since we are operating on adjacent structures, septoplasty is often combined with cosmetic Rhinoplasty. However, since rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, it isn’t covered by medical insurance. For the best results, both functinally and cosmetically you should make sure that your doctor specializes in Septorhinoplasty



Septoplasty New York

Published: February 16, 2010

A deviated septum is when the center dividing wall of the nose is crooked. It can be straightened, improving breathing without any cosmetic change to the nose externally. However, it is frequently adressed in rhinoplasty as well. Failure to recognize a deviated septum in rhinoplasty may lead to breathing difficulties after surgery, so it should be checked first.