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Plastic surgery – reconstructs your self-esteem, too.

Published: June 5, 2013

A rhinoplasty can do more than rebuild your nose – it can build confidence, too. Looking good is something that everyone wants and there is nothing wrong with that. If a little bit of plastic surgery is going to give you the confidence that you need to take that extra leap, either professionally or socially, … Continue reading Plastic surgery – reconstructs your self-esteem, too.



Rhinoplasty Teacher from New York

Published: June 7, 2011

Lecturing at an International Rhinoplasty course in Milan, Italy. Spring 2011 I had the privilege to be invited to speak at the 6th Biennial Milan Masterclass in Rhinoplasty. This was a course directed by my friend and master Rhinoplasty teacher Prof. Pietro Palma from Milan. There were over 700 attendees from 58 countries in attendance. … Continue reading Rhinoplasty Teacher from New York



Rhinoplasty and Facial Fillers in New York

Published: October 14, 2010

At the Fall meeting of the AAFPRS, I picked up a few good pointers on rhinoplasty techniques from a number of my esteemed colleagues such as better rib harvesting techniques and how to get a nose crooked nose straighter.
I also learned the latest in the use of Sculptra. Sculptra is for facial volume enhancement. This product is now injected deeper in the face, right on top of the facial bones to get the best results.



Rhinoplasty FAQ's in New York

Published: June 21, 2010

There are a lot of misconceptions about rhinoplasty that I will soon be addressing in a section in my website under FAQ’s. Below are two of the more common question asked during a rhinoplasty consultation. New York, N. Y. 1. Doctor, do you have to “break” my nose? The technical term for this is osteotomy. … Continue reading Rhinoplasty FAQ's in New York



Teaching Facial Plastic Surgery in New York

Published: April 14, 2010

Teaching Facial Plastic surgery entails resident training, fellow (post-residency), lecturing at medical meetings and publishing journal articles and book chapters. I lecture regularly at meetings, hospitals and as an invited guest on rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, endoscopic browlift, blepharoplasty, and facelift surgery as well as Botox and Fillers.



Septoplasty New York

Published: February 16, 2010

A deviated septum is when the center dividing wall of the nose is crooked. It can be straightened, improving breathing without any cosmetic change to the nose externally. However, it is frequently adressed in rhinoplasty as well. Failure to recognize a deviated septum in rhinoplasty may lead to breathing difficulties after surgery, so it should be checked first.



Rhinoplasty in NY for Teens

Published: January 25, 2010

Teenagers can be excellent candidates for rhinoplasty. A motivated patient can get great, natural results. We have found that shy individuals often come out of their shell by increasing self confidence from an improved self image.