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Trouble Getting Your Beauty Sleep? Try These Tips!

Getting enough sleep each night is important in order to keep skin looking great, keep body weight in check and have the energy to do the tasks planned for each day. Those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep often turn to unhealthy pills, which can be both addictive and problematic in the future. Instead, consider these calming, soothing tips to help anyone fall asleep faster and wake up feeling rested.

Unplug for the Night: Many men and women have trouble sleeping well thanks to constant beeps and buzzes from their electronic or communication devices. Turn off any phones or computers each night, which will be helpful in relaxing. In addition, the lack of blinking lights can help people to fall asleep faster.

Exercise: Those who exercise during the day are able to sleep better at night. Even a short 20 minute power walk in the morning can play a role in helping tired women fall asleep faster each night. However, some people report that working out directly before bedtime prevents them from feeling tired, so avoid late night exercise if possible.

Avoid Stimulant Drinks Before Bed: Few people can deny that sipping a caffeinated drink before bed has an adverse effect on the quality of sleep for the night. Keep in mind that caffeine is best avoided for several hours before sleeping. While alcohol is sometimes suggested as a way to cause tiredness before bed, in reality the alcohol disrupts sleep throughout the night and causes people to wake up in the morning feeling unrested.

Use Relaxation Techniques: Each individual can use different techniques to help them relax before bedtime. Some enjoy a warm bath, hot cup of decaffeinated tea or even a few pages of a novel.

By utilizing these tips each evening, it will be easier to fall asleep each evening, stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling rested.

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Is Yoga a Fountain of Youth?

Women begin to age as soon as they finish with their teenage years (and begin to fight it immediately thereafter). One sign that aging has begun is the loss of flexibility and muscle tone. How do you plan to fight off these aging symptoms? If you’re like many of your peers, then you may have already turned to yoga to keep fit as you grow older.

Yoga may be the answer to aging. It can be used to improve your flexibility and create muscle tone. Furthermore, many feel more calm and relaxed after leaving a yoga workout. The exercises seem to be tailor-made to restore youthful vigor to an aging body. When it’s all said and done, if you feel relaxed, flexible, and strong, then perhaps you have indeed discovered your fountain of youth.

Aging symptoms are not simply strength, flexibility, and calm. Many worry about cosmetic issues. If you worry about aging, but you feel like gray hair and aging skin are the culprits, then perhaps some great cosmetic or aesthetic medical solutions are the answer. Consider talking to a professional about some safe and healthy procedures that will give you the look you crave.

Our dermatological providers are committed to your overall well-being. Contact them to set up a skin care consultation today!

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