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Laser Scar Removal vs. Surgical

Posted October 18, 2013 in All Posts

 What’s the difference between Laser Scar Removal vs. Surgical ? Laser scar treatment is a modern technique for improving all types of scars.  This also can be accomplished by time tested techniques such as dermabrasion as well. Whether your blemishes were caused by acne, a wound or a medical condition, laser treatments or dermabrasion can help reduce the […]

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What Should I Know when I Come to New York City for Plastic Surgery?

Posted September 06, 2013 in All Posts

What should I know when I come to New York City for plastic surgery? Over the past several decades there has been a huge upswing in medical tourism. Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to another locale to undergo plastic surgery procedures. The reason for medical tourism gaining a foothold outside of the US, often […]

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When is it OK for kids to have plastic surgery?

Posted August 30, 2013 in All Posts, Facial Plastic Surgery

So when is it ok for kids to have plastic surgery? Otoplasty is from the Greek word “to shape,” but specifically refers to surgery to the ears, the most common plastic surgery procedure for children. The need for otoplasty may come from a congenital defect, trauma, or deformities. Natural proportion, contours, and general appearance of […]

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Erasing the Stigma of Plastic Surgery.

Posted August 23, 2013 in Facial Plastic Surgery

No disrespect meant to a superstar that has passed on, but Michael Jackson gave plastic surgery a bad name and a bad face to go with it. His money and mania took a handsome face and turned it into a Halloween mask. He had so many surgeries that real damage was done to his nose, […]

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A Gift.

Posted June 14, 2013 in Rhinoplasty

 I have been teaching residents since I was a fellow in 1987-88. Teaching surgery and the art of Medicine is one of the most rewarding parts of an academic medical practice. Even in private practice, the residents from the Columbia University/ New York Hospital program continue to rotate through my office. They learn facial plastic […]

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Revision Rhinoplasty New York City

Posted December 07, 2009 in Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Pearlman has extensively studied revision rhinoplasty. Recently he presented at the AAFPRS on why patients seek revision surgery, from a patients point of view. This is the first in a series reviewing the major issues in revision rhinoplasty.

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