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Cosmetic Treatments and Surgery Increasing in Men and the Alternative to Facelifts.

 Cosmetic facial treatments and surgery increasing in men according to the official AAFPRS stats. I have found the same in my practice. More men are looking to look refreshed.

The face ages in five ways, there are skin changes, dynamic lines,loss of facial volume, loss of elasticity, and the effects of gravity. So when treating these signs you needed to address the specific issue. Improving dynamic lines by using Botox. We treat the skin with lasers and skincare products. We restore facial volume with a procedure we call “Wow cheeks”. However the procedure isn’t fully effective because the real issue is loss of facial volume as well as cheek volume. So fillers will help with cheek volume but it’s not going to lift the tissue. What you really need to do is restore and re-suspend the tissue.

So what do we have that can do this? A Facelift, which re-suspends the tissue by tightening the muscle and lay the skin down gently. Until recently we’ve had no other alternative for this procedure. That is until Ultherapy, the first FDA approved non-surgical face and neck tightening procedure that uses high frequency ultrasonic technology that penetrates all 4 1/2 MM of facial tissue. This restores the jaw lines, the neck, the jowls, and even the brow line.

These are the exact layers I would treat while doing a facelift, without having to preform surgery. Patients will get anywhere from 30% to 50% of the effect you would when getting a facelift. But there are no incisions  it’s a quater of the cost, minimal bruising if any, little down time, and patients can return to work the next day.

Ultherapy is an amazing alternative for either men or women who are considering plastic surgery but either cannot afford the full price or cannot afford being away from work for more than a day.

I talk more about Ultherapy in this Youtube video which you can watch by clicking here or the image above.

Facial Plastic Surgery NYC, New York

Who is a good candidate for facial plastic surgery?

New York, NY

The best candidates for facial plastic surgery are motivated individuals who are healthy, inherently happy and looking to enhance their appearance.  Of course, health comes first. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery. It inevitably involves anesthesia of some sort, be it local, twilight or general. That means patients need to have normal healing, clotting and must be medically able to tolerate surgery and anesthesia. There are well established pre-surgical testing requirements that have been set forth by the national Anesthesia society. For a young healthy person, it has been shown through studies that doing a stack of tests are not necessary. Age, sex and medical status standards determine what each potential patient needs to deem them safe for surgery and anesthesia.

I have turned away a number of patients seeking facelifts who are on medications for heart conditions and/or have heart stents. This is because they cannot safely be off blood thinners for the necessary amount of time to heal normally from surgery. Some have begged me, or their primary care doctors, to take them off the blood thinners or operate on them anyway. Of course, I said no. This decision is really up to your primary care doctor. It is not worth looking good if there is a chance that you may have a heart attack, or worse.

Cosmetic surgery is to make patients look better and to improve self image and self confidence. However, no matter how good you look after, if you have a poor sense of self image, surgery may not help. The best patients are those who are happy yet look to improve features that may detract, such as a big nose or jowls. Fixing this aesthetic flaw then restores or enhances self esteem. I often see personality changes that far outstrip the cosmetic changes, but this is as a result of, not a reason for cosmetic surgery.

Over 15 years ago, I performed a rhinoplasty on a friend (at his insistence). He was extremely affable and a great person, plus the #1 salesman in the country for a large international corporation. So, he certainly didn’t lack self confidence. After surgery, his professional confidence spilled over to his social being. He finally asked out the girl he admired from afar for years. They are now married with two children. I didn’t make that much of a physical change, but the psychological change far outstripped what we did for his nose. He was able to apply that great personality to his social life.

In reviewing some articles on patient selection for facial plastic surgery, they said that an educated patient is part of the criteria to be considered a good candidate. But given the media attention to cosmetic surgery and enhanced beauty, too much is not good either.  Airbrushed celebrities and models don’t help give accurate accounts of what they really look like. Actors can also take off months to hide and heal before appearing back in public (as they don’t have 9 to 5, 52 weeks a year jobs to get back to right away). The internet is full of excellent information, forums and blogs, but not all of these are helpful. Sometimes too much information is not good. Details of a surgical procedure can sometimes be daunting and confusing to patients; especially when highly respected surgeons even differ. How can a non-physician make a choice? Also, unhappy patients tend to be more prolific on the internet than happy patients.

Cosmetic surgery is an amazing way to enhance one’s appearance for healthy well motivated patients. It’s always a good tool to research your options but beware of misleading information from the internet. Steven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS

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