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Things You Can Do To Stop Sagging Skin Today

It’s not that getting older is so bad. With age comes wisdom. It’s just that we don’t want our skin to reveal how much wisdom we actually have. Our skin tells us the story of our lives; but, what if we don’t want the story to be one of sagging skin? Well, it can be changed without even going under the knife or spending a lot of money.

Sagging Skin is Thirsty

Hydration is life. If we drank as much as we are supposed to, many of our tiny aches and pains would go away. We are meant to be lubricated. The more water we drink, the better we look and feel. That’s how simple this one is. You can’t get around it, either. No one is immune to the benefits of water. So drink more water and watch how quickly you look and feel better.

Get Rid of the Junk

How many cleansers and moisturizers do you have? Many of you reading this may have ten or more bottles of skincare products floating around the bathroom. They are supposed to renew and refresh and do any other number of things to our skin. The truth is, however, it is just too much. It’s time to simplify. Throw out the old and start a new skin care regimen. Cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate: that’s all you usually need. For a personal regimen just for you, please contact a skin care specialist in our office. Our favorite products are only sold in doctors’ offices, MyBody. Since it’s a skincare professional and not a salesgirl giving you advice, you should get much more out of your products.

Bye Bye, Old Cells

Exfoliate your skin once a week. It feels amazing, and your skin will feel refreshed. When you exfoliate, your skin will be able to absorb moisturizer better. Getting rid of the old skin cells will also make your skin look smoother and younger.

Be gentle with your skin. It’s an organ we all have that takes a lot of abuse. Our skin knows karma. If we treat it well, it will reward us by making us look and feel amazing.


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How oils will make your skin look better, immediately

Your skin needs proper cleaning, hydration and targeted care for it to always look its best. You will notice an improvement in the look and feel of your skin over time when you use the right combination of products; however, you can also make your skin look instantly better by using natural oils.
To receive the most beneficial effects of the oils you can apply it directly to the skin and at full strength. Oils can give the skin the extra hydration it needs to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as allowing it to soak up rich emollients.

Argan, coconut, Jojoba and extra virgin olive oil are all types of good quality oils that can make a drastic improvement in the feel and appearance of your skin almost instantly after application. You will notice a more taunt and smooth look to your skin once the oil has soaked in and your skin absorbs all of the nutrients found in that oil. Pure extra virgin olive oil has been used throughout various cultures for centuries for moisturizing skin naturally, as the results reveal a healthy glow and supple texture.

Though many people may think that pure oil will only make skin look shiny and greasy, good quality oil can improve the skin overall. To see and feel the benefits of any oil, use sparingly by applying to the skin with a cotton ball. The right oils can give your skin a much needed boost of nutrients resulting in a radiance that gives you a healthy, renewed and refreshed appearance.

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Are you moisturizing correctly for your climate?

Proper skin care involves taking the condition of your skin and your climate in to consideration when choosing the right mix of products for your skin. You can drastically improve the look of your skin by using the perfect blend of products right for you.
Moisturizer hydrates and nourishes skin for a healthy glow, making it critical to any skincare regimen. Make sure you are using the right moisturizer for your climate to achieve the best results possible.
High altitudes and dryer climates require a richer moisturizing product. Humid, hot climates require a lighter moisturizer as they soak in more quickly to avoid sweat and oil buildup common in such environments.
Climate is not the sole concern, however; the seasons also affect the moisturizer you’ll choose. What works during the summer months likely won’t benefit you during the cold winter months.
In fact, you also need to take seasonal climate changes in to consideration and thus change your moisturizer as needed.
When you use the right moisturizer for the environment you’re in, you’ll notice an improvement in skin condition. Applying the proper moisturizer daily is one of the most instrumental elements in total skin care.


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Do you have dry skin? Maybe this is why…

Dry skin can be an issue, and is one that can appear at almost any time. You need to discover if you are causing your dry skin, and if so, you need to take action to help get your skin back to the moisturized and smooth condition it deserves to be in.

One of the ways in which you may be contributing to your dry skin is by using the wrong type of soap or body wash. If you are using a product not labeled as being natural or is intended for oily skin, you may be drying your skin out too much. You also may be drying out your skin by not being adamant in applying moisturizer after every bath or shower. It is essential to replace the oils and moisture that has been removed through cleansing, and by not doing so routinely you could be drying out your skin unintentionally.

Additional ways and causes that can contribute to dry skin include a house with too low of a humidity level, not drinking enough water every day and not protecting your skin when going outdoors in high heat or cold weather. Your skin needs to always be pampered and protected is you want it to always look great. Dry skin has a dull appearance, and lack the glow healthy and well hydrated skin holds. Making changes to the way you care for your skin, your body and your environment can all help when you suffer from dry skin.


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