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3 tips for eating to look younger

Wrinkles may look cute on baby elephants and puppies, but as a woman living in a world that thrives on youth, those fine lines and wrinkles are anything but cute.

Fortunately, in addition to a personalized skin care regimen as prescribed by your dermatology provider or skincare expert, a diet rich in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and whole wheat produce smoother looking skin and an overall younger looking appearance in those who tolerate these foods well.

Losing ellasticity like an over-used rubber band?

As women age, collagen (a protein that gives skin its natural elastin) production slows down causing skin sagging and wrinkling. Unfortunately, this slow down happens as early as age 20! An easy way to prevent this, in addition to speaking with your skincare expert, is to eat regular servings of citrus fruits. All citrus is loaded with vitamin C which, in addition to immune system boosting powers, also increases collagen production.

Sun worship left you looking like an old piece of leather?

You say “tomato,” and we shout, “lycopene!”, the strong antioxidant that acts as a powerful and natural sunscreen. The good news is that it’s easy to add extra tomatoes into your diet. Thick tomato sauces on pastas and pizzas in addition to raw tomato on salads and sandwiches add a quick and easy lycopene kick to your everyday meals. Eating more tomatoes has reduced skin inflammation and sunspots, creating an overall healthier and younger looking appearance in women just like you.

Ditch white for whole wheat and whole grain!

Citrus and tomatoes all add something to the skin, but it’s what whole wheat doesn’t do that makes it useful. Rather than being absorbed into the body quickly like white foods, whole wheat takes longer to digest. This means, unlike white food, whole wheat doesn’t turn into a burst of sugar, which created glycation and stiffens collagen. Once this happens, fine lines begin to appear like little sugar warning systems. Switch to whole wheat and/or whole grain pastas, rices, and bread to reduce the risk of aging before your time.

If you treat your body well, it will treat you well right back. If you’re noticing fine lines and wrinkles in your skin at a young age, look at your diet and see what you should add in and cut out to maintain a more youthful appearance.

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Fruit Facial Recipes for Vibrant, Glowing Skin!

Fruit facial recipes are ideal for treating skin problems like acne or a dull complexion. We eat fruit for its vitamins and antioxidant properties, and we can derive the same benefits by applying the sources of these nutrients directly to the skin. Perhaps the most compelling reason is that they are natural, with no chemicals or allergens. Instead of using expensive treatments that might contain harmful ingredients, try a budget-friendly natural remedy made with fruit to moisturize and revitalize all types of skin, leaving you with a gorgeous glow.

Here are some common fruit facial recipes. They are typically left on for about 15 minutes and then rinsed off with warm water.

Strawberries and papayas contain salicylic acid and are natural exfoliants. After mashing them, mix them with cornstarch, wheat flour or oatmeal to make a paste.

Peaches are rich in Vitamins A and C, and their alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) open your pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

Grapes contain several vitamins and antioxidants. Simply mash them and combine them with honey for a soothing mask.

Bananas mixed with honey (and orange or lemon juice) are gentle enough for all skin types, and they contain antioxidants to help fight acne. This mixture can also eliminate dry skin cells and help prevent wrinkles.

Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain, which helps unclog pores by removing dead skin cells. Combine pineapple juice and wheat flour, or use the pineapple’s flesh mixed with honey.

Grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes might be too acidic, so you might not want to put citrus fruits directly on your face. Use small amounts of the juice, or combine it with wheat flour to make a mild skin treatment.

When trying new fruit facial recipes, you should check for sensitivity by testing a small bit of the mixture on your wrist before applying it to your face.

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