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Facial Plastic Surgery, best patient care in NYC

Published: February 2, 2011

Our patients are treated with the utmost in care beginning right from the time they arrive at the building at 521 Park avenue when they are greeted by the extraordinary doormen. The consultation process is described from office arrival, to consultation with Dr. Pearlman, that includes computer imaging for rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, to the time they confer with Kim the patient coordinator. They finish as they are assisted again by the men in uniform, our doormen.



Pucker up with the new "CUPID'S BOW LIP" treatment

Published: August 20, 2008

Instead of aiming arrows, I try to hit the love mark with cosmetic injectables. Gravity eventually takes a toll on every part of the body, even the lips. As we get older, the upper lip loses its firmness and definition. As a result, the Cupid’s bow, a sign of youth and beauty, is lost leaving … Continue reading Pucker up with the new "CUPID'S BOW LIP" treatment