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Amazing Vegetables that Boost Your Energy

Everyone experiences it, times where you just do not seem to have enough energy to attack the day.

But, what can be done to increase the body’s energy level?

There have been several news articles lately about certain foods aiding in boosting ones energy, from guidelines on eating multiple meals a day to eating particular fruits. Fruits however, are not the only energy boosting food; vegetables can help increase energy levels as well.

Here are five amazing vegetables that can increase your energy levels:

Carrots are a quick and easy vegetable snack that is not only good for you but can help increase energy. Carrots are sweet so they can help curb cravings for cookies or cake, while adding the benefit of beta carotene to your system.

Celery is one of the best energy boosting vegetables, it is easy for the system to digest quickly, and is full of vitamins B and C as well as fiber. Additionally, Celery helps the body to balance salt and potassium.

Green Salads for lunch or snack, with a healthy dressing, helps increase your energy because green salads are filled with minerals and vitamins that our bodies crave such as chlorophyll. Green Salads are also very easy to digest, meaning the benefits get into your system faster.

Spinach is one of nature’s most nutrient-rich vegetables and is rich in iron. Iron deficiencies can cause people to feel tired. Just one half cup of boiled spinach offers 20 percent of you daily allowance of iron.

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin C, which helps to increase energy, as well as complex carbohydrates. Having a sweet potato for a snack will help keep you full between meals and offer a long lasting energy affect due to their long sugar molecule chains, which break down slowly in the system.

So next time you are feeling out of energy, take a short break and snack on one of these energy boosting vegetables, and you will be on track in no time.

As a side benefit, your skin will look more glowing and thank you for it!


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Three Small Changes to Boost Your Energy Level!

Many people require a big mug of caffeinated coffee to start the day, sugary snacks in the afternoon to power through work or childcare, and then find themselves exhausted every evening. Having enough energy throughout the day can be a challenge, but by making these three small changes anyone can begin to look and feel more rested every day.

1. Set a Sleep Schedule: The human body functions best when it is able to fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. Although it might be enjoyable to sleep in on the weekends, it will only interrupt the body’s sleeping pattern and cause tiredness throughout the rest of the week. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, heading to bed and waking up at the exact same time each day, in order to feel more rested, awake and full of energy each day.

2. Exercise Daily: Although those who lack energy may think that expending energy in the form of exercise is counterintuitive, it is actually a great way to feel more awake and energized. Consider starting each and every day with a workout. This could be anything from an hour long jog to a few minutes stretching or even walking to work instead of driving. The endorphins brought about by regular exercise will provide more energy throughout the day.

3. Eat Often: Rather than skipping on meals and eating sugary snacks throughout the day, aim to eat small, nutritious meals every few hours. This will keep your blood sugar levels stable, allowing you to have even energy rather than sharp spikes and crashes.

By setting a consistent sleep schedule, exercising daily and eating small, frequent meals throughout the day, it is possible to feel more alert and energetic each and every day.

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