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Five superfoods to make a super you!

A lot of good and healthy food choices are out there, but are you aware of a special category of foods found in nature called superfoods? Calorie thin and nutrient dense, superfoods pack a lot of punch in terms of goodness. In fact, the top five are those which are easily accessible, tasty and easy to incorporate in to many different dishes.

Superfood #1: Nuts. Known for being a superior source of protein, Nuts are also rich in anti-oxidants and the good fats. Always opt for the unsalted variety, you can find multiple uses for peanuts, almonds and walnuts in your daily diet by tossing into a salad or grad a handful a quick snack.

Superfood #2: Quinoa. This grain-like seed is full of anti-oxidants and is a source of all essential amino acids, including lysine, which also makes Quinoa a complete protein. Quinoa is easily prepared much like other grains. It can be cooked up and added to salads, soups and stews for a nutty goodness or enjoyed by itself as a pilaf.

Superfood #3: Beans. The legume family, from dark red kidney beans for chili to chickpeas for salads, can give you a boost of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium; and they are high in fiber as well. Beans are a hearty and versatile food that can be satisfyng enough to use as the basis of a main dish or entree.

Superfood #4: Yogurt. Yogurt is packed full of calcium and other nutrients but it’s the presence of prebiotics and probiotics that make this a superfood. Yogurt is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack and wonderful when mixed with berries into a healthy smoothie drink.

Superfood #5: Salmon. Wild salmon is not only high in vitamins and protein but also Omega-3 fatty acids, which that body cannot produce on its own. Wild salmon is wonderful grilled up with some lemon and served with a side of steamed vegetables or wild rice.

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Three Must-Have Vitamins

Many people do understand the link between a healthy body and healthy skin. Feeding the body the right nutrients is the key to having healthy skin. Below are three must-have vitamins that everyone should get in their diets:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be found in broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe, yogurt, liver and mango. This nutrient helps prevent acne and skin cancer. Vitamin A also helps keep the eyes healthy. People who are not getting the recommended amount of vitamin A are more likely to have dry, rough skin.

Vitamin D

Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D. However, most people do not get enough of this nutrient from direct sunlight. Eggs, tuna fish, salmon, cod liver oil and mushrooms are just a few of the many foods that are rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D can help prevent skin cancer. Studies have shown that nearly 75 percent of adults and teens are deficient in this vitamin. Many people will benefit from taking a supplement. However, people should always consult with their doctor before adding a vitamin D supplement to their regime.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is classified as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are a group of nutrients that help protect the body against free radical damage. Free radicals damage tissue and speed up the process of aging. Citrus fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin E.

People who eat a well-balanced diet will be able to get adequate amounts of vitamins A, D and E. They will also be able to keep their skin glowing and healthy.

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Health and Skin Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Eating healthy is the best way to achieve a better body, health and skin. A proper diet also ensures that you always feel and look your best. Incorporating super foods, like brussels sprouts, into your diet will offer amazing health and skincare benefits. On a personal note, if you think you don’t like brussel sprouts, try them again. Up until a year ago I hadn’t touched them since I was a kid. I had dinner at my brother’s house and my sister in law teaches cooking. I tried the brussel sprouts and they were great. Now I even cook them myself!

Brussels sprouts provide high levels of Vitamin C, sulforaphane and antioxidants. When these key elements are combined, they protect the body against viral infections and cancer. The high concentration of Vitamin C also supports collagen production, creating better skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance.

Incorporating brussels sprouts in to your diet is one of many ways you can help take better care of your body, inside and out.


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What Bell Peppers Can Do For Your Skin

Though you may only include bell peppers in your diet from time to time, consider adding more to your daily meals! Bell peppers add nutritional value to your recipes and are beneficial to skin health as well.

High concentrations of Vitamin C can be found in bell peppers. This improves the skin’s appearance, boosts collagen production, and helps prevent cancer by protecting from free radical damage.

Adding bell peppers to soups, salads, sauces and meats add flavor and nutrients to your meals. This improves your overall health and appearance without much in the way of additional effort.

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Top three things you should incorporate into your diet daily

A well balanced, well rounded and nutritionally complete diet is one of the best methods of ensuring total body health. As you eat the right foods regularly you’ll look and feel better. Your skin, nails and hair also draw nutrients from the foods you eat and thus making sure you incorporate the top three items in to your daily diet will help you in looking and feeling great.

For your body to work properly you must replenish its water supply daily by consuming foods and drinks that contain water. Water is essential in keeping skin moisturized by adding it to your daily routine your skin will look and feel softer, smoother and suppler.

The second most important step is to consume various amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. You can opt for items that have high concentrations of vitamins that are beneficial to skin, hair, nail and total body health. Oranges, apples, dark leafy greens, broccoli, beets, spinach, bananas and carrots all have high levels of nutrients that can help you look your best as you feed your skin from the inside out.

The third essential step in a well-balanced diet that is ideal for skin health is nuts and whole grains. Whole grains help to support a properly running digestive system which helps to flush toxins out of the body and nuts give you good fats and oils which can help in keeping skin well moisturized.

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Top Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Over a million people have cosmetic procedures each year, and there are many misconceptions about who these patients are. The truth about who is having plastic surgery might surprise you.

It is assumed that women who go under the knife are vain. While some opt for surgery strictly to look better, the truth is that many choose surgery for self-esteem. Women who are self-conscious about their bodies gain a tremendous amount of confidence when they feel in control. They may not be able to alter certain traits, but they can fix a crooked nose or breasts they feel are too small.

Looking better is only one part of the equation. Feeling better is the goal.

If it seems that Hollywood is the only place cosmetic surgery exists, that is not the case. While celebrities who choose a surgical fix are some of the most obvious plastic surgery patients, they aren’t alone. The average Jane takes this route more than movie stars do each year, and surgical suites are full of people who have never seen a movie set or been on television.

A florist in Florida is more likely than a blockbuster star on the Walk of Fame to seek cosmetic surgery.

When you think of plastic surgery, do you think it’s only for the wealthy?

The truth is that people of all income levels choose surgical enhancement. Surveys conducted on those inquiring about surgery found that roughly 40% of reported their annual income was $30,000-$60,000 a year. Surprisingly, almost 30% reported incomes of less than $30,000. Only 13% reported income of over $90,000 a year. Clearly, not only the well-off are opting to beautify their bodies. It could be the cashier checking your groceries just as easily as the banker driving the luxury sedan.

Movies and television give the impression that surgical enhancement is just for women. The truth is more men are now choosing to get a little work done themselves. While still in the minority, men are having procedures for social and professional benefit. Typically, men opt for more subtle procedures, such as hair plugs, injectable wrinkle fillers, liposuction, and minor facial enhancements, such as a brow lift.

Patients feel great once their procedures are healed. They are happy and confident, but perhaps unaware that most results are not meant to last a lifetime. Aging will still occur, as nothing can freeze the hands of time or the work of gravity. To keep that desired post-surgical look, upkeep or repeated procedures will be necessary. Injectable fillers last a few months, a full face-lift has a lifespan of about 10 years, breast implants made need to be replaced every decade, while a reduction will be affected by weight gain, loss or pregnancy.

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