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Asymmetry in Rhinoplasty, Facial implants and Facial fillers

Posted April 19, 2012 in All Posts

Facial asymmetry, it’s more common than you think As a facial plastic surgeon, people are coming in for facial analysis for treatment of their noses, faces, chins etc. Most people have at least minor facial asymmetry. One eye and/or corner of the mouth is higher. Very often someone comments that their faces look more crooked […]

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Chin implants, chin augmentation

Posted November 02, 2011 in All Posts

Bristol Palin’s chin surgery on Inside Edition Late last spring I was interviewed by Inside Edition on Bristol Palin’s surgery. To view the video click here:  Inside Edition Palin chin  The producers brought photos for me to comment on her jaw surgery. Ms. Palin reported that she had chin and jaw surgery to correct an abnormal […]

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