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Skin Care in New York City

Why do I carry skin care products and have my nurse do office peels on my patients; because it works.

I can personally vouch for what skin care products do for my skin, as does the beauty blog BFF Beauty.  I have been using them for over a decade. It’s easy, instead of soap and maybe a moisturizer; use a cleanser followed by an anti-aging cream, I even throw on an eye cream. Patients can’t believe my age when I tell them I’m 56. I still get plenty of sun playing golf, in the pool or on the beach with my kids, but I always wear sunblock and reverse or reduce the aging effects of the sun with a daily combination of retinoids, anti-oxidants and growth factor.

Our new skincare line is called MyBody. This is a fantastic line with products that can help every skin type. Our skincare specialists, Kim or Chrsitine, can help choose just the right products for you. First we need to know your “tolerance” for how many products you are willing to use. Some individuals keep it simple: cleanser and one product. Some are willing to go the extra step(s) by adding eye creams and more potent anti-aging cream combinations.

Why should you get skincare products from a doctor’s office?

Generally our products are stronger and dispensed by trained professionals. Sometimes a patient will call stating that their skin is red, irritated or peeling. We can offer a change in their regimen or even swap it out for another product. In the department stores, the well known skincare lines may have the latest ingredients, but they are kept weak to minimize problems and returns. If there are any reactions or returns it would be a much bigger problem. That is circumvented by making the products weaker. Plus it may even be a salesgirl selling you the same product that they would suggest for you, your mother or even your grandmother.
The next step after home products are office peels. Christine, our office Skincare nurse performs these no-peel peels. You get glowing skin without actually peeling. With the new MyBody technology myPROBIOTIC PEEL enjoy a relaxing spa-like experience. myPROBIOTIC PEEL features Skin Renewal TechnologyTM utilizing probiotics to help stimulate your immune system to a naturally balanced healthy and more youthful state .
Don’t believe us, we recently had a fantastic review of the myPROBIOTIC PEEL in the prestigious bffbeautyblogspot, click to read about it.

Skin Care Tips & Facial Beauty in NYC

Kim Roberts, the cosmetic patient coordinator for Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery just completed advanced training from SkinMedica. Below is a guest blog with her personal skin care tips: 

I recently attended the SkinMedica Long Island National Seminar. I love skincare!  Having tried many products touted as “anti aging” I was anxious to learn about the products that I have come to rely on and see what new skin care miracles they offer.

Below are the key skin care tips that I learned:

  • Don’t skip Toner, it restores the skin’s PH balance also removes dead skin cells
  • Use exfoliator that has spherical beads,  others will scratch and damage the skin
  • TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) has the highest concentration of Growth factors available. Growth Factors stimulate cellular growth
  • Vitamin C is the best antioxidant. Vitamin C works even better when combined with Vitamin E since Vitamin E traps the vitamin C in the skin

Products I personally can’t live without:

  • TNS Essential Serum
  • Retinol Complex
  • TNS Eye Repair (this has eliminated my need for under eye concealer!)   

After years of sun worshiping (something I don’t advocate) TNS Essential Serum is my anti-aging Super Hero! It has improved my skin tone and texture dramatically. I use it AM/PM immediately after cleanser/ toner, followed by moisturizer. 

TNS Eye Repair is a must! Used morning and night it has changed my life; virtually eliminating the dark circles and crepey skin around my eyes.

Retinol Complex completes my routine. I use this every night. I have used other brands of Retinol over the years and this one is by far my favorite. The texture of my skin is now smooth and clear.

To summarize, here is my daily routine: 

1-Cleanser AM/PM

2-Toner AM/PM

3-TNS Essential Serum AM/PM

4-TNS Eye Repair AM/PM

5-Retinol Complex PM 

Here’s to a more beautiful you!

To add a personal note from Dr. Pearlman; I too use the SkinMedica products daily. Why? because they work and my skin looks great.

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