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Runway Cheeks (TM), Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse in New York

Posted October 03, 2008 in Facial Fillers



Runway CheeksTM

The “must-wear” look for fall.

New York is still buzzing from the recent fashion shows in Bryant Park. So what did I see? That fashions are always changing but one thing remains the same: beautiful models. What do all these models have in common?  Spectacular cheekbones. Regardless of the trend for more “quirky” fashion faces what has remained the same for decades are those angular cheeks; they frame the face and create highlights that distinguish beauty and frame the face.  Structured cheeks are also a sign of vitality. Great cheekbones highlight the eyes, too, adding overall balance to one’s facial features. Cheekbones are the foundation of a drop-dead gorgeous look.

Patients seeking celebrity cheekbones are fast on the rise. Not long ago, it required a surgical procedure with insertion of cheek or malar implants. This is still a feasible operation for those who desire long lasting results. However, with the myriad new facial fillers, I can create stunning cheeks without surgery.

The fillers that I use to create Runway Cheeks TM are hyaluronic acid: Juvederm Ultra Plus and Perlane, or calcium hydroxyl appetite: Radiesse. The procedure is performed in-office and takes just about 20 minutes. There is minimal discomfort and little-to-no bruising. You can go straight out to lunch, back to work, or shopping on Madison Avenue directly after.  So, if you want to look like you just stepped off the runway, this procedure is your dream look and the right option for you.

















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