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Revision Rhinoplasty

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Revision rhinoplasty is my specialty. I am often called on to reshape noses that are “pinched” or deformed from previous surgery or traumatic injury. Many times I will also revise noses that are too narrow or collapsed from trauma or just plain old do not function well.

My background is in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery, so I feel I am adept in creating a more functional and sculpted nose for my patients. To quote a traditional architectural theme, in terms of the nose, “form follows function.” It is my passion to restore this function.
Most of the functional and breathing problems I encounter deal with blockages of the nose from conditions like a deviated septum and sinusitis. I can address both of these issues at the same time.

I perform a thorough exam of the inside of the nose during your consultation, using a specialized headlight for viewing the nose. Sometimes I may need to use nasal endoscopic equipment to get a better view.

Other nasal procedures that I perform are septoplasty, reconstruction of the skin and structures of the nose after removal of skin cancers and correction of septal perforations.

If you have any questions on Rhinoplasty, please feel free to contact my office for a consultation. For more information on Rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery procedures, please visit my web site. Here you will find detailed information and before and after photos.

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