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Pro Bono Facial Reconstructive Surgery, Otoplasty

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Giving back to the community,

One of the greatest rewards as a surgeon is the ability to use my skills to give back to others. I have been lucky to be associated with the Little Babyface Foundation. We surgeons donate our time and expertise to perform pro-bono surgery on children with facial deformities from around the world. The foundation pays for travel, housing and all associated medical costs other than surgeon’s fees for these deserving children.

Post op day 6, the day the bandages came off

In May, I corrected congenitally (inborn) deformed ears for a sweet seven-year-old girl named Samantha from South Dakota. Samantha had protruding ears with one side folded over, called a lop ear. Good Morning America featured Samantha’s story, which was about bullying and her mother’s proactive decision to get Samantha surgery. Otoplasty surgery for an inborn deformity is corrective plastic surgery—not cosmetic. Samantha’s confidence is now soaring, her peers embrace her, and she looks beautiful! You can see this segment by clicking on the following link: (Samantha on Good Morning America)

To summarize:  It is wonderful being able to use the unique opportunities I have had by allowing me to become a surgeon to give back to others.

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