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How Weather Affects Our Skin.

Friday, November 15th, 2013

ultherapy2There are several factors that affect the health of our skin and as we get older our skin reveals how we’ve lived our lives.  Naturally our skin takes a lot of abuse more abuse than most other organs we have. So it’s key to good looking skin throughout our lives is to treat it well  by protecting it and nourishing it. But how does weather affect our skin? Well the two main sources are cold weather and exposure to sun.

To start protecting your skin it’s a really simple solution, the first is sunscreen.  The damage the sun can cause on skin ranges from causing discoloration in exposed sections to causing a loss of elasticity to your skin which causes wrinkles. The other and most dangerous is skin cancer. You should use sunscreen during every season and not just for Summer. The reason is your skin is exposed to UV rays all year round. To protect it you can use a broad spectrum of sunscreens starting at SPF 15. 

The sun isn’t the only weather factor that can cause damage to your skin, the cold can do that as well. Cold weather brings with it a much lower level of humidity. This will cause your skin to dry and crack from your lips, face, hands, and to your feet. The main thing to do here is to keep your skin hydrated and covered, easily enough by just a pair of gloves and a scarf. For hydrating your skin make sure you exfoliate before applying a moisturiser that has a bit of a heavier cream consistency  should work just make sure you apply it in the morning and before bed at least. Those with skin conditions like eczema should be weary as the colder climate tend to cause flares in condition. 


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