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Facelift in New York; getting even

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Don’t get mad.. get even!

Revenge Surgery 

What’s better than getting even when it’s time to move on with your life? In an April article i the NY Post, a number of women were interviewed who were

NY Post, for full text please click on link in the blog

going through life changes. Included in this article is Sue, a patient of mine who, at the time, was scheduled for a face/neck lift. Sue is now over a month post op and feeling great.

Sue is a wonderful lady with the most amazing and sensitive disposition, but her marriage of 12 years was coming to an end. She was also transitioning in another big life change: a new career as a schoolteacher. Like so many young minded women, her face didn’t match her young body and mind. A facelift is just what she needed for an, excuse the pun, “pick me up.”

I expect to be posting her before and afters in a few months when all healing is over, but already she is thrilled and has been told by many friends that she looks like her old self, not someone pulled or “done.”

If you feel like you look dated, you might do with a little tweak or two to get a fresh outlook on life. Revenge is sweet, especially when you look younger than your old spouse!

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