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Why the Endoscopic Brow Lift Has Replaced the Coronal Brow Lift

Posted March 28, 2017 in Brow Lift Surgery, Coronal Brow Lift, Endoscopic Brow Lift

Forehead rejuvenation surgery can restore a youthful appearance to the upper face. Using strategic planning, careful technique, and a natural eye for detail, Dr. Steven Pearlman can perform a brow lift to correct issues such as a drooping brow, furrowed brow, forehead wrinkles, and sagging brows that contribute to eyelid hooding. While the coronal brow lift technique is the traditional surgical approach, Dr. Pearlman prefers the endoscopic technique for brow lift surgery because it is less invasive and offers several clear advantages.

Brow Lift Before and After Photos

The Downsides of the Coronal Brow Lift Approach

The coronal brow lift is the traditional or classic brow lift technique. In this surgical approach, an incision is placed at the top of one ear behind the hairline that extends up and over to the other ear. Through this incision, the surgeon has unobstructed access to the underlying tissues and can elevate the entire forehead from above. However, a significant downside of this technical approach is that the incision is extensive. Even though the incision is hidden in the hairline, scarring can be prominent. The length of the incision also poses a greater risk of loss of sensation and loss of hair at the incision site as compared to the endoscopic brow lift technique. Finally, the invasiveness of the coronal brow lift leads to a longer recovery period than that of the minimal incision endoscopic approach.

The Advantages of Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

Endoscopic brow lift surgery, also called a minimal incision brow lift, allows the entire procedure to be performed with just a few minor incisions. In this surgical approach, four or five tiny incisions are placed behind the hairline, and through these incisions, an endoscope and surgical tools can be inserted to perform the procedure. The endoscope is essentially a thin telescope that gives the surgeon a visual of the internal tissues without requiring long incisions. The endoscope and surgical tools can be inserted into the minor incisions to surgically lift the brow and forehead. Not only does this technique have minimal loss of sensation and hair, it also has reduced scarring and a shorter recovery period compared to the traditional technique. The endoscopic brow lift can also be combined with a mid facelift to lift sagging cheeks. Due to its many advantages, the endoscopic brow lift has replaced the coronal brow lift in many surgeons’ practices, including Dr. Pearlman’s.

Dual board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Pearlman can perform brow lift surgery to restore youthful beauty and definition to your upper face. To request your personal consultation with Dr. Pearlman, please call (212) 223-8300 or complete our online contact form today.

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