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Category: Recovery

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide

Rhinoplasty Before and AfterRecovery from any surgery has the potential to be difficult and uncomfortable, but there are many things you can do before and after your procedure to ease the process.

Follow this rhinoplasty recovery guide for a faster, easier recovery that can lead to your best possible results.

Things to Do Before Rhinoplasty

  1. Take Care of Responsibilities

    Recovery will be easier when you have fewer things on your mind. Tackle big cleaning projects, pay bills ahead of time, and do any shopping you may need to do before surgery. Prepare some meals to store in the freezer, and arrange for someone to assist you periodically within the first couple of weeks in case there is anything you need.

  2. Avoid Certain Medications

    Certain medications and supplements can increase bleeding, which is not ideal for an easy recovery. You should avoid aspirin, MOTRIN®, vitamin E, gingko, garlic, feverfew, and ginseng, along with any others that are on the list Dr. Pearlman will give you, for two weeks before and after surgery.

  3. Fill Prescriptions

    Save some time after surgery by filling your prescriptions ahead of time. Dr. Pearlman will have them available to you and will give you any other recommendations for supplies that may help with recovery from rhinoplasty.

  4. Quit Smoking

    Since smoking works directly against the healing process, patients should quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery until at least two weeks after surgery. Studies have shown that the benefits of quitting smoking begin as early as 20 minutes after your last cigarette.

  5. Aim for Optimal Health

    The healthier you are before surgery, the easier your recovery will be. Minimize caffeine and processed foods, eliminate alcohol, and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Maintain regular exercise, and be sure to get enough sleep each night so your body can spend energy healing.

Things to Do After Rhinoplasty Surgery

  1. Rest for Two Weeks

    You should avoid strenuous activity and anything that will raise your heart rate and blood pressure for at least two weeks. Occasionally, delayed bleeding can occur, which may require surgery to drain, making recovery longer. Adequate rest can prevent this complication.

  2. Communicate

    If you sense that anything is out of the ordinary during your recovery, communicate with Dr. Pearlman right away. You should always report your concerns, even if you think they are minor, because correcting the problem early may prevent it from becoming worse or causing other problems.

  3. Trust the Process

    Recovery from rhinoplasty initially takes two weeks, but final results are not apparent for up to a year. The length of time swelling and bruising will be apparent also depends on the individual. About 15 percent of primary rhinoplasty procedures require revision surgery for one reason or another, but a second surgery is not recommended until your nose has fully healed. As you trust the healing process and are patient with the results, your realistic expectations can be fully met.

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