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Brown and Red Spots NY


Cold Glow!

Winter is the ideal time for getting rid of those brown and red spots–on the chest, face, arms, hands, and neck.  One of the best lasers out there for treating the brown and red spots that occur with age and advancing sun-damage is the BBL.  BBL is a revolutionary treatment that sends light energy deep into the skin to boost your body’s natural ability to stop aging.  The result? Skin that’s visibly younger looking, year after year!  BBL should not be used if you have had recent or expect upcoming sun exposure so the time to start is NOW!

brown and red spots ny

Treatments have little-to-no downtime, but you may require three treatments a month apart to see a significant change in your skin. If you start in January, you will be well on your way to glowing skin before summer.  The brightening and clarification of the overall skin tone can be your secret winter indulgence.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty NYC

non surgical rhinoplastyNon-surgical rhinoplasty certainly sounds novel, doesn’t it?  This exciting and very effective procedure uses facial fillers to camouflage a hump, raise a low bridge, and can even help make the tip of the nose project outward.

What is cannot do is make the nose or large bump smaller.  By filling above and sometimes below the hump on a nose, the hump will be less prominent, looking more symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.  However, the overall nose will also be larger.

Computer imaging is a good way to determine if a non-surgical rhinoplasty will look good on you or will it just make your nose appear bigger.

non surgical nose job

Raising a low bridge is becoming very popular with Asian patients.  They tend to have weak tips that can also be brought out with filler.  For drooping tips, a little Botox in the muscle just under the base of the nose may even raise the tip of the nose.  I have performed this on one of my staff members, who is officially “addicted”!

non surgical rhinoplasty illustrations

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