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The Advantages of Facial Implants Over Fillers

Posted November 11, 2016 in Dermal Fillers, Facial Fillers, Facial Implants

In the plastic surgery industry, facial enhancement can be achieved through several different methods. Dermal fillers and facial implants are two of the most frequently used techniques for improving the appearance of the face. While fillers offer excellent temporary results, facial implants have several advantages that may distinguish them as a preferable treatment for facial enhancement.

Facial Implants Produce Long lasting Results

While facial fillers require repeat treatments to maintain the effects, facial implants produce long lasting results. A single surgical procedure is performed to insert the implant(s) into the desired area(s) of the face, after which the implant(s) will long lastingly augment the facial structure. Patients need not return for additional treatments but can enjoy their long lastingly enhanced appearance.

Facial Implants Provide Augmentation of the Facial Structure

Unlike fillers, which enhance the face by filling out the skin, facial implants augment the skeletal structure of the face. By addressing the underlying skeletal structure, facial implants can significantly improve the appearance and shape of the face. Additionally, it is only with facial implants that a weak chin, ill-defined cheeks, or other related issues can be resolved.

Before and After Facial ImplantsFacial Implants Establish Balance Between the Facial Features

For some individuals, the facial features appear out of balance. A common example is a receding chin with a prominent nose. Facial implants can establish balance between the facial features by bringing them into proper alignment with each other. Inserting a chin implant, cheek implants, or jaw angle implants can augment areas that were previously weak so that the facial features are more harmonious. Many patients who desire rhinoplasty can benefit from also receiving a chin implant to sculpt a more attractive facial profile.

Facial Implants Improve Facial Definition

An attractive face is well-defined, with clear lines distinguishing the features from each other. In particular, the jawline, cheeks, and chin should all have strong angles, lines, and curves. Some individuals lack this natural facial definition or lose it as they age. Facial implants can improve facial definition and balance by creating attractive shapes and angles to highlight your facial contours.

Facial implants can long lastingly improve facial definition, structure, and balance between the facial features to create a more attractive and youthful appearance. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Pearlman by calling 212-223-8300 or filling out our online contact form today.

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