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Actual Patient Reviews

Revision Rhinoplasty Patient – Real Patient Rating

I am highly satisfied with my revision rhinoplasty. The staff and the nurse Christine were kind and caring. I feel as if I received the VIP treatment from them and from Dr. Pearlman. Most importantly, my nose looks soft and beautiful. I did not expect it too look this fabulous and words cannot adequately express how happy I am with the results. My face has been transformed.

Rhinoplasty Patient – Real Patient Rating

Dr Pearlman did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone for facial surgery. I thought he could have answered my questions and concerns a little more in depth before the surgery and even after, but he really knows what he is doing. I didn’t feel like I could totally ask him anything I want without being annoying, but maybe I am just used to people in that business who are a little more chatty. In the end, I was very happy I chose him.

Voluma and BOTOX® Cosmetic Patient – Real Patient Rating

Dr Pearlman took the time to listen to me and understand my situation and didn’t brush me off.I had filler before from other doctor and bruised bad!.Dr Pearlman is a true professional I had him do my filler and didn’t have any bruising at all AMAZING!!!.I am happy with results filling my cheeks lessoned my under eye bags 75%. I know laser is the best treatment but do not have the time to take off for recovery.Thank you Dr Pearlman !

Facial Rejuvenation Patient – RealSelf

My experience was that the staff was completely professional and made me feel comfortable. They explained to me from start to finish and made me feel at ease. The treatment was better than I expected. There were a few places that is was uncomfortable, but bearable. I came into the office feeling and looking tired and came out feeling refreshed and looking so much better. I am pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the what the next few weeks as my skins continues to improve. I was told that the best results happen between 3 to 6 months after the procedure. I definitely recommend Dr. Pearlman.

Facial Rejuvenation Patient – RealSelf

I had plastic surgery (first time in my life) when I turned 50 to rejuvenate my face…upper and lower eyelids, brow lift, full face lift. Loved the results after everything healed, but time marches on; the aging process continues.

Today, at 54, I still look 1,000 times better than before the surgery, and want to maintain a more youthful appearance(and protect my investment!). This means doing some maintenance on a regular basis. My lips lost volume and wrinkles began to appear around my upper lip (although I have never smoked). Instead of getting repeated injections of a dermal filler in the lips I went for perma facial implant about 7 months ago. As with the other facial surgery, after healing, I love the results. Growing bolder, I started to get light BOTOX injections…more great results.

Confident in the skill and expertise of my cosmetic surgeon, I asked him about Juvederm earlier this week when I went in for BOTOX. I know that I can’t get surgery for every little droop or wrinkle — thank goodness for dermal fillers. He recommended putting a little Juvederm in the nasal labial folds, and also in my upper cheeks to restore volume and create a gentle lift. He’s great about explaining the concepts behind his recommendations so I understand what to expect and can envision the end-result. I trust him implicitly and didn’t think twice about going for it.

I was nervous because shots in the face aren’t something most people look forward to. His assistant applied ice to the treatment areas before the filler injections. I felt very, very little discomfort during the procedure. In about 20 minutes I had BOTOX and Juvederm, and was out of the office walking down the streets of Manhattan looking good. Talk about instant gratification!

One day later I have only a couple of small, pinhead-sized bruises from the Juvederm injections which are easily covered with makeup, and some minor swelling that is barely noticeable. The filler is evenly distributed without lumps, and feels natural. I will definitely keep this up!

Facial Rejuvenation Patient – RateMDs

Dr. Pearlman and his team including Donna and Christine are true professionals. Everyone in that office knows exactly what they’re doing, and makes sure you are comfortable and happy at all times before, during, and after your procedures. I really felt as though I was very special and I appreciated the fact that I was treated as an individual. In NYC, you may expect a chop shop-esque cosmetic surgery experience from doctors looking to make a quick buck, but that is not the case with Dr. Pearlman or any of his staff members. Significant time is taken with me every visit to address all of my possible concerns, and questions, and I have never left the office unhappy or with questions unanswered. My results truly are unbelievably AMAZING and natural. Thank you so much Dr. Pearlman, Donna Fay, and Christine!
Fillers Patient

Dr. Pearlman has a top-notch “bedside manner” and is honest and thorough. He gave great advice on where I should have filler put on my face to give a maximum youthful look. I say just put yourself in his hands and take his advice. You can’t go wrong. His office is very conveniently located in Manhattan at 60th and Park as well. I give him the highest ratings possible!
Rhinoplasty Patient

Dr. Pearlman is THE BEST!!!!! I had a rhinoplasty done in February and it has changed my life already. I researched many doctors and when I found Dr. Pearlman, I knew he was the right doctor for me. I have wanted a rhinoplasty my whole life, but finally decided I was ready at 27. His staff was WONDERFUL and the best part is that the surgery is done IN HIS OFFICE! It is a beautiful office and the staff made me feel so comfortable the day of my surgery. Surgery was not painful (because I was under general anesthesia) and the recovery process was really only a week. I stayed overnight in a hotel and had the packing removed the next day. I called with questions during the healing process and everyone in the office was responsive and helpful. I went back to work one week later and NO ONE EVEN NOTICED!!!!! It was so subtle and natural, it was incredible! It has been a month and each day it gets better and better. Thank you Dr. Pearlman! You’ve changed my life!!!

Ultherapy Patient – RateMDs

As a woman in my 50s I was ready to try something to pick up my face a little. I was a bit nervous about having anything done but when I met Dr. Pearlman he made me feel comfortable with his knowledge and understanding. His staff of professionals worked along side with the doctor. I had an Ultherapy treatment to lift my neck and chin. It hurt a little but when it was finished I felt fine. Some results I saw right away even though it takes a while for the full effects from the treatment to set in. The fillers didn’t hurt at all, they just felt like small pricks of the needle. The Voluma results I could see right away and was thrilled with the results. The Botox I was told needs a little time to take effect for it to be totally apparent. I am very happy with the results and am extremely pleased with my experience at Dr. Pearlman’s office. I am now looking forward to my next visit. Procedure: Pearl Lift; Ultherapy below the eyes; Voluma around the eyes; Botox on the brow

Rhinoplasty Patient – RateMDs

Dr Pearlman did my rhinoplasty about a month ago. I LOVE my nose. He fixed a deviated septum, took a bump off of the bridge of my nose, and refined the tip. I am SO SO HAPPY. The staff helped me every step of the way (with my questions, appointments, meds, nervousness, payment, insurance, etc). The entire office went above and beyond to make this an amazing life enriching experience! The office is in a great location and it is very comfortable, the operating room is right there and I felt 100% take care of. I can’t even believe how little pain was involved. I was prescribed pain medication but I was just fine with tylenol extra strength! I have seen Dr Pearlman himself for every follow up appointment (about 4)!! He is a dynamite doctor. I only wish I didn’t wait so long.

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