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We service individuals who are accomplished, discerning, and driven to success, yet perhaps feel that the amazing person they are on the inside isn’t matching what they see in the mirror. We help our patients look great and look natural. We instill and restore the self-confidence that helps our patients achieve their goals. Dr. Pearlman strives to provide his patients with compassionate and attentive patient care paired with the most sophisticated and advanced medical procedures and techniques available. As a patient of Dr. Pearlman, there are several steps taken in order to ensure your comfort and overall satisfaction with any procedures undertaken.

You will receive a confidential, in-depth personal consultation with Dr. Pearlman on your selected procedure. Here is the time for you to ask the hard questions concerning the procedure, recovery and results. Most of his consultations are extensive, so plan your time accordingly.

During the consultation, you will meet Dr. Pearlman’s Patient Care Coordinator who works closely with Dr. Pearlman as an advisor and patient liaison. Patients are encouraged to participate in an ongoing dialogue with the patient consultant about any and all concerns regarding your care and goals.

Dr. Pearlman usually recommends a second office visit prior to any surgical procedure as an opportunity for a second Q&A with the doctor. This appointment is to ensure that you are completely comfortable with all aspects of surgery. There are no additional charges for this appointment.

Get to Know Our Practice at Pearlman Aesthetic

Our office nurse specializes in pre and post-operative cosmetic surgical care. She will meet with you prior to your surgery, be with you through your surgery and most often will even be there as you recover. She is the expert in all medical aspects of the surgical process.

So you know…

Initial New Patient Consultation: We charge a consultation fee. However, Dr. Pearlman often spends up to 45 minutes with each new surgical patient. The consultation fee also includes our top notch 3D Vectra Imagining that we can manipulate a patients photos in and give you an idea of what you would look like post surgery. This fee is applied towards any surgical fees and is due at the time of the first visit. Second consultations prior to surgical procedures incur no additional charges.

ALL fees for cosmetic surgical procedures are payable in advance. Additional detailed payment policies will be discussed at the time of your appointment or can be furnished in advance upon request.

Dr. Pearlman does not participate in any insurance plans. However, we often work with out of network benefits, which depend on your individual plan.

How much insurance is applicable towards functional surgery, such as deviated septum repair can be determined following your consultation.

Our office accepts all major credit cards. Medical insurance may be applicable in some cases and should be discussed with our office staff during your appointment. Financing is available through Alphaeon, Care Credit, Prosper Lending.

Clinical digital photographs are taken in our office at no additional charges. Our office is fully computerized to expedite all billing and insurance correspondence.