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Steven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS Dual Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery

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About the Staff

Facial Plastic Surgeon NYCSteven J. Pearlman, MD FACS is a passionate surgeon. He is the medical director and founder of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, and an authentic medical confidant who will help you become your best YOU. Dr. Pearlman is dual board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery; and a past President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has extensive clinical and academic backgrounds in both fields, and lectures around the globe to the other leaders in the field especially for rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. He is a true specialist for facial surgery, performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery exclusively from the neck up also including facelift, browlift, blepharoplasty and facial lasers. He provides his patients with a unique, highly focused expertise in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, face, and eyes. Patients come to him from  all  corners of the  globe, whether it’s for  a quick  fix  with  Botox, facial fillers,  or an elaborate surgery with complex reconstruction.  Dr. Steven Pearlman and his team can make anyone look as young as they feel  naturally. His elegant and approachable staff is top-notch and extremely tuned-in to patient needs, providing   patients   with the   safest   and   most   comfortable environment  possible  including  a state-of-the-art  office  and on-site certified operating room for facial plastic  surgery. Dr. Steven Pearlman has a wide and continuously evolving range  of professional credentials.  His professional resume can be viewed here.

Beauty ExpertDonna Fay is a leading expert in the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic industry, and is recognized as the “go to” person for advice and direction when considering cosmetic procedures. As an aesthetic coach for Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, she works closely with men and women, stateside and abroad, who are considering facial plastic surgery and are seeking a qualified, ethical and a skilled surgeon. Her goal is to help individuals navigate the highly complex and confusing choices available when it comes to deciding upon their procedures. An enthusiastic and caring consultation with Donna will help you select the procedures that will give you not just a great result–but the best result.

Donna Fay wears many hats at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery. Not only is she our Patient Care Coordinator and resident beauty expert; she is a master licensed aesthetician with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics and beauty. Donna has a passion to help patients achieve healthy radiant skin by uniting customized treatment plans with patient education. Donna Fay is known throughout the industry and social media circles as The Beauty Expert USA, a recognized skincare guru and advisor for anyone considering cosmetic procedures. Donna’s intention is to educate and make you feel like a star with your very own personal beauty consultant. Her patients always come first, and she constantly strives to exceed their expectations!

Donna is currently an educator and spokesperson for several beauty industry brands; she not only treats patients with precision, but trains other professionals to do the same. She specializes in Skin Histology and skin rejuvenation procedures. Making sure you look amazing is her main priority, and she does it well–she cradles the faces of the entire Pearlman Aesthetic team, which is a huge responsibility! Her motto is “Age is just a number, beauty is timeless.” Her favorite procedure is the Halo Fractional Laser to remove years of brown/age spots in just a week’s time.

Certified Nurse InjectorHeather Rypien is one of only 5 nurses in the entire New York City region to hold the title of Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS), which is a prestigious recognition awarded by the American Academy of Plastic Surgical Nurses. As a trusted member of this elite group of nurses, she has mastered the art of injecting Botox and every filler currently on the market. Heather is frequently asked, “What should I do with my face?” And her reply is always, “We are partners in this together so I’m going to explain your options and make my recommendations.” With her warm smile and Southern charm, she puts patients immediately at ease and knows how to enhance their beauty instantly. Heather has also mastered several innovative injection techniques such as MicroTox™, the Nefertiti lift, and Dermasculpt cannulation method of injecting. Heather is a national trainer for Cosmofrance, and is also a licensed “Artistic Restoration” provider. Heather has been a successful aesthetic nurse injector for nearly 6 years, licensed to inject in 26 states. She has the unique expertise of using the Golden Ratio for proportionality when injecting. The Golden Ratio is the union of science, math, and art in aesthetics; and its unique phi ratio (3.14159265) identifies specific facial zones that require attention, measuring length and height of the brow, forehead height, length of nose, width and depth of the lips, the apex of the cheek and much more. The technical skill and science with which Heather measures proportions will unleash your most exquisite beauty potential. Personally, Heather’s favorite procedure is Sculptra for full pan facial rejuvenation, including those areas that cannot be addressed with traditional fillers.

NurseChristine Ross, RN, has been in the nursing profession for over 10 years. Her experience includes a variety of functions such as travel nursing as well as a medical mission to Haiti. Originally from New Hampshire, Christine ultimately settled in New York City in 2010 to pursue her career as part of Dr. Pearlman’s well-regarded team. Christine meets the surgical patient, makes sure they are ready for surgery, expertly navigates all necessary paperwork, reconciles medications, answers questions, allays fears, and makes certain each patient is properly prepared for surgery. She is a true advocate for our surgical patients, before, during and after surgery.

She makes certain our operating room, equipment, personnel, implants, disposables, medications and every other detail are ready. She oversees that everything is checked twice, that everything is documented properly and that the proper surgery is performed on the right part every time. She ensures that we do everything right, every time, with no exceptions. Christine makes certain that every sponge, needle, gauze, blade, and specimen are properly accounted for. She operates directly with Dr. Pearlman. Christine also recovers patients from anesthesia and surgery, gives wound, medication and discharge instructions, and helps transfer patients home safely.

In her spare time, Christine enjoys playing competitive volleyball, yoga and playing with her energetic 2 year old dog, Jameson “Jamo.” Her favorite procedure is Cupid’s Bow Lips.

Writer and Marketing DirectorWriter and marketing executive Ali Pearlman hails from Beverly Hills, California, and spent years traveling abroad absorbing a variety of cultures. Her divergent energies have been put to use through a vital New York journalism and communications career covering fashion, lifestyle, health and nutrition, cosmetics, and beauty. Her book Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous (HCI, 2013) was an Amazon bestseller in the naturopath category, and features many insider secrets on everyday foods to use in and on your skin for anti-oxidant health and a radiant complexion. Ali has an instinct for style, an eye for beauty, and a knack for keeping it real. She is the Communications Manager at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, and mother of twin girls. Ali has a healthy obsession with Micropen treatments, and is newly obsessed with BBL/Halo.

MinaMina Bouthavong is our Executive Business Administrator. She hails from Providence, Rhode Island. Mina has worked in the aesthetic industry for over 5 years and is currently studying Operations Management at Baruch College. She has always been intrigued with plastic surgery and enjoys watching patient transformations. Her exceptional organizational skills keep the team at Pearlman Aesthetic surgery on time, and on point. No sticky note gets misplaced or goes un-attended to under her watchful gaze! She is a spreadsheet master and multi-tasking maven. Mina coordinates our patient’s international travel program, offering concierge service for Park Avenue tastes. Mina’s favorite procedure is Micropen.



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